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Sarah Calhoun

Sarah started her company in one of the lowest-income counties in the nation.

This is truly one of the most inspirational TED Talks I’ve ever watched. The challenges she faced as a woman-owned business were already difficult. Add economic issues and long, hard winters and you’d think she was crazy for trying. But Sarah wasn’t giving up. What she did next for her business and her community is nothing…

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How to change the world with $25

Every month I get to do the best part of my job. I get to hand out cash to women around the world to help them start their own business, improve their living conditions or pay for an education. As cool as that is to get to change lives with the funds I make from…

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simone de beauvoir quote

One’s life has value so long as…

As you work on your goal setting this weekend, don’t forget to take time to connect with the people you care about most. Your goals aren’t worth much if they don’t include compassion for others.

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alice walker quote

The most common way people give up their power is…

Never let anyone steal your thunder. Be strong. Own your dream. You are worth it!  

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jackie joyner kersee quote

It is better to look ahead and prepare…

Make today a day of no regrets. What one thing can you do right now that will push you closer to your goal? Now go do that one thing!

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Billie Jean King quote

Champions keep playing until…

Champions don’t quit. They look at all of their moves – good or bad – and they work to constantly improve their game. Every step they make is towards making their entire performance better. Be a champion. Keep playing.

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Duty, honor, country

What’s your motto?

Every branch of the military has their own motto. It serves to instill pride and a sense of unity within the troops. It’s a code they live by and defend. Do you have a personal motto? What would you say if you had to write one for yourself right now?

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lift spirits

The best thing you can lift…

When you take the time to focus on someone else and helping them to feel better, it adds strength to your character as well as giving them a boost. Brighten someone’s day by sharing one of our Daily Dynamite images with them.

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michelle obama quote

I never cut class…

Being smart IS cool. And just because you have graduated beyond school doesn’t mean your education has to end. The world is your library. Observe, listen and learn. Never stop discovering things about yourself and learning about others.

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margaret thatcher quote

If you want something said…

I thought a little humor might be in order for this weekend as you prep for next week’s goals. Don’t just talk about your dreams… Get out there and make them happen!

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tallulah bankhead quote

Only good girls keep diaries…

Whether you keep a diary or not is really no one’s business but your own. However, most experts will tell you that the act of physically writing down your goals on paper greatly increases your chances of achieving them. Call it a journal or a goal sheet or whatever you want, just be sure to…

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girls roller derby

Name one task you can do better than…

Today is my birthday. And I can’t think of any better way to celebrate than to hear back from you. So I want to know… what one thing can you do better than anyone else you know? Leave your answer in the comments.

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