This One Weird Tweak WILL Actually Change Your Life

Have you seen those ads that promote “one weird tweak” that is supposed to give you some massive results? It’s tempting, even though we know it’s just a gimmick.  But we’ve all clicked on a headline like that before.  That might even be how you ended up here.

The good news here… I’m not out to scam you or give you false hope. My goal is to give you practical, real-world tips on how to reach your goals.

So if you want real results, read on.

Because what I’m about to share actually works. And it’s weird. And you’re probably not doing it and that’s why it’s taking forever to hit your goal.

You may recall in my last post I talked about consistency being the key to reaching your goal – and it is.  However, if you are doing the same things over and over again and getting the same results, that’s the definition of insanity.

So what’s the tweak? Adaptation.

If You Want To Change, You Must Do Something Differently.

Here’s how to make it work for you.

Most of the time when you tackle a big goal, you turn to a mentor and learn how they did it. These are usually authors, speakers, athletes, celebrities, etc. who have broken down their processes into some system to help you achieve the same results. These are great tools you can use to get started.

But here’s the problem… these tools were 100% created for that person, not for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all system. But most people start following the new system and end up frustrated when they don’t get the results they want.

You see, a lot of these systems work in the beginning because you’re going from no system to having a framework you didn’t have before so you will usually make progress right away. That’s why personal development books and speakers are so popular – the initial results come quickly.

But the people who get the BIG results, know the secret. They know that “one weird tweak”.

So here’s where our “one weird tweak” comes into play. Take a step back from whatever system or framework you are using to achieve your goal.

Make a simple two-column list.  On the left side, write down what’s working, what you like about the goal, and what results you are already getting.  On the right side, list what’s not working, what you don’t like and what parts are difficult.

Goals should be hard. If they were easy, everyone would be crushing it. You will probably have quite a few things in the right column. That’s actually a good thing.

Now select one or two items from the right column and make a slight tweak (or adaptation) to it. In other words, make it your own by making it something you like or something that is easier for you to manage.

Here are some easy examples of tweaking health and fitness goals:

  • Finding it difficult to work out every day? Plan a 30-minute walk and make it part of your daily routine so it becomes a consistent pillar of your health.
  • Struggle to follow a specific diet or meal plan? Find recipes or meals that fit your taste buds… not what some author says you should eat.
  • Hate going to the gym or having trouble staying motivated? Find a group activity that interests you and also fills your exercise need (martial arts, dance, hiking, community sport leagues).

The best thing you can do to advance your goal is experiment. Make a small tweak and test it for a short period of time. If it works, keep doing it.  If it doesn’t work, try something else. It’s that simple and it works.

What one weird tweak are you going to make to reach your goal?  Share it below. It may spark an idea for someone else!


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