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  • For what age group is this site intended?

    Girls Can’t WHAT? is a site for females of all ages. Topics vary and may not interest all age groups, but anyone can join the discussion or submit to the Share Your Story section.  As a community we try to keep the content as “family friendly” as possible and discussion is moderated to filter out inappropriate material.

  • What can I do on this site?
  • Can I advertise on here?

    Women are bombarded with media from everywhere and I am choosing not to contribute to the deluge by putting banners and ads on my site. And because I cannot endorse every product or service that might display in the ad, I’d rather not participate. If I won’t click on the ad, why would I want my readers to click on it?

    That being said, I am all for marketing and promoting things the old-fashioned way.  If you would like to promote your product or business, visit the Share Your Story section to submit your information for publication.

  • Can I request a new design?

    Absolutely! Your input is always welcome.  Click here to make your request.

  • I have a question about my order.

    Girls Can’t WHAT? uses multiple “Print on Demand” Services.  For customer service, please check your email confirmation or sales receipt to find the company name. 

  • Can I use Girls Can't WHAT? images in my classroom, for a school project or on another web site?

    Yes, but I do ask that you leave the copyright on each image and drop me a line to let me know that you are using it.  I can also send larger resolution images if needed. Please contact me and ask.  ;)

    For use on the web, please be courteous and link it back to 

  • Is "Girls Can't WHAT?" trademarked?

    Yes. Please do not use this phrase on products or media materials without my express written permission.

Customer Service

Girls Can’t What? designs are licensed to third party vendors for printing on various apparel and gift items.

All sales, returns and exchanges are handled directly through the vendors and are subject to their individual policies.

Please refer to your receipt for questions about your order.


Girls Can’t WHAT? does not collect your email, billing/shipping address or credit card information on any purchase from outside merchants.

For additional information, see the Girls Can’t WHAT? Privacy Policy or click here to contact me.

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