No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

Submitted By: Cynthia Sohail | Age: 29 

Hello, I am Cynthia born and base in Pakistan, a master degree holder in Political science From Kinnaird College for Women –A Social Worker, Self independent, determined, ambitious, south Asian women with long hairs and black eyes besides that I love to dance and expressing my inner thoughts through writings. But From my Childhood I dreamed to become a teacher but that wish wouldn’t complete because of my speech disorder.
People born with a cleft have speech difficulties so I have that too well this is part of my life is extra and most crucial one; this can affect the sound of the voice and therefore affect social interactions. This speech issue always creates a problem in my communication with other. The situation I am going through since I was born is hard to explained that how its impact on my Schooling, University, Career and Relationship.

My school years, I think always a bit stressful, it was just a, a kind of discovery for me that I do not speak properly and people staring at me like I may be not a human being. But I think certainly the cleft nose and lips, didn’t sojourn me to do or think anything I dream off.

I am just conscious about how i look and sound and I think it’s really a prime thing you do in your teenager, when you went to a university and had quite odd sort of years.

Somehow I complete my BS Program and start searching for a good job, but the pressure of family to get marry is on other side but I am getting more stressful for not getting a job because of my look and speech/Sound. I got interview calls/Emails from outstanding institution of Pakistan but on the day of interview I attained rejection. For more than 2 years I gave several interviews.

Sometime conversation with the interviewer is become very hard-hitting because of my sound, looks, that his unfortunate appearance made me hesitate in front of her/him and I lost my confidence to speak properly ignoring the flaw in me.

All of that I spent my all those year in searching online job and start writing. My articles, Blogs on social issues and humans Rights which is of course Freelance also done some work in the field of research as a field researcher. In a meantime my heart felts for humanity and I start doing voluntary work with different NGOs not for money but to make my soul gratify that I am contributing towards country. In a period of 3 years I penned many Blogs and chain of voluntary work. Continues my effort for studying too and did online courses and internships.

2018 March my father informed me that I got an interview call from ABC office which I applied last year. So I went for an interview it was quite interesting interview because my father is sitting right behind me and most of my questions were answered by my dad. Oh I love my dad!! This is because of him may be I finally get a job and I justify with the effort of my father to get this job by giving my best into this job. I am Assistant to Customer care Executive in an audit firm. Now I am self-independent woman even I have the flaws. With the flaws I am Confident, Dreamful and also enjoying writing and doing voluntarism work as my part time passion. And I am happy with what I am now. I feel your happy and unhappy life depend upon how many opportunities you have in your life. When you have opportunities you should avail it no matters how inside broken you are. Problems may come in every Human’s life but the intensity of the problems may differ from person to person. Some problems will never last but some minor and major opportunities help you to continue your life with same sound and cleft Nose –Lips.

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