The post Facebook didn’t want you to see

Last week I shared a post from Benjamin Cooper on the Girls Can’t WHAT? Facebook page. It was an incredible rant about how he was helping his girlfriend clean out her closet and he decided to try on one of her shirts labeled as an XL.

Here’s what he said (the clean version):

Benjamin CooperSo I’m helping my girlfriend clean out her closet (literally, shut up), and I noticed that a lot of what she was getting rid of was of the XL size. That didn’t look right to me, and here’s why:

They fit me. I don’t say that to be silly or ironic.

It [makes me angry].

I am not an extra large man, and, more importantly, a woman my size is NOT an extra large woman. This right here is why we have 8 year olds with eating disorders. This right here is why men shout “[*****] fat hog!” at even nominally curvy girls on the street. This is why men who think sexism is a “myth” perpetuated by liberal [wusses] are Full. Of. [Crap].

A day after I posted, over 700 people had liked and shared it from my Girls Can’t What Facebook page. But then suddenly Facebook removed it from my page… with no warning.

Because someone reported it for profanity.

I get it… those aren’t “nice” words. To each his/her own. But to kill a message like that over a few words is petty. This is a powerful statement and one that should not be ignored. This IS why we have girls with eating disorders and self-hatred of their bodies. We should not try to stop it from being broadcast as far and wide as possible.

Fortunately, Facebook reviewed it and restored it to my page the next day. So if you’d like to share this powerful image, you can click here to see it (profanity and all).

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