Submitted By: Mirna Ayshoa | Age: 28 

I am an Iraqi woman that came to the united states to study my second masters degree in a technical filed when people told me it was hard to live on my own in a foreign country yet I did it and proved them wrong. While being here in Colorado i listened to a local band called knockout mice and it was so unique and the way they mastered their instruments. They inspired me to play drums. I played along their punk/metal songs and did covers for their songs. Then I fell in love with drumming in general. I started with an electronic drum set and some guys said that I could only play e-drums but that acoustic would exhaust me since I might not have enough muscles. Some others said “ I don’t know why but girls are not good at playing music and specially drums and it needs more testosterone”. Some of them said I cant play live for a long time because I can get tired and I did play live multiple times for two hour sets with full energy.

In the country where I am from things are more complicated. People are not encouraged to play music and specially women performing in public is a big problem there so I wanted to inspire women as I did with studying abroad and proved people wrong that we can do other things too like performing and playing drums..etc.

Also I wanted to prove to people that its never too late to learn anything. I started at age 28 in January this year and it havent been a year and I already play live and with other musicians. Just be persistent at it and serious about it by daily practice and it will happen. Its all about mental strength. Many people start things but the secret is to keep going.

Find me at: https://www.instagram.com/drumbitious2019/

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