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Oh Cute, You Write Too? -Struggles of a Female Author

The streets of London were slick with rain after we ran out from under the shelter of Her Majesty’s Theatre. My dad hailed a taxi driver and dragged my mother and me in tow behind him. We covered ourselves with overpriced musical brochures and, after the taxi nearly ran into a slow pedestrian on the…

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Closing the Gender Leadership Gap

I am a school psychologist that also has a doctorate in leadership studies. After being frustrated by witnessing girls lack confidence to share their creative ideas with world and experiencing the gender leadership equity gap first hand, I quit my job to start a business focused on teaching young girls how to be confident, creative…

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Resilience Reflex

4 Ways to Reframe a Problem and Find a Solution

I moved to Canada, from Kenya (East Africa), at the age of fifteen without my parents. At that time they could not afford eight airline tickets so they sent me with my 17-year-old sister to live in Alberta, where most of our relatives lived. In Kenya, it’s always 30 Celsius (86 F) and humid. I…

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Emotional Intelligence for the New Female College Graduate

I remember when I completed my undergraduate degree. I was idealistic. I had dreams of becoming a manager and then an executive in a Fortune 500 company. When I graduated from college I was so hopeful that my academic experiences and achievements would translate into consideration for a management trainee program and a bright career.…

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Target stops gendering toys

Target removes gender signs, world implodes

So Target has decided to do away with gendered sections in the toy department and people think the world is about to end. I find this amusing on so many levels. We fight for equality and then freak out when someone takes a step in that general direction. Here’s why I think Target’s decision is…

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Lead Singer of Only on Tuesdays Opens Up About New Single, “Break Free”

At age twelve I cut myself for the first time. I used to think that physical pain was much easier to manage than emotional. From a young age I struggled with depression, feelings of inadequacy, and extremely low self-esteem. Growing up, a lot of things were rather easy for me. I did well in school…

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You Can Change the Way You Look by Believing 3 Words

As a teenager, when I looked in the mirror all I saw was my imperfections. My big, ski-jump nose, my ruddy-red cheeks, my straight-stick body, my glasses – big and thick and bug-like. I didn’t look anything like what “beautiful” was. So I believed, “I am ugly”. This was the story I told myself, I…

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Breaking the “Pageant Girl” Stereotype

Submitted by: Olivia McMillan, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen There are many incorrect stereotypes attached to the “pageant girl” image and because of them, I thought I could never be successful in pageants. Now I’m Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, a.k.a the little sister to Miss America, and I’m letting girls know they can break stereotypes, overcome…

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Making Lemonade out of Lemons: How to learn from your pain to give back

As a teenager my life was a mix of ups and downs, seemingly endless fights with my parents, outrageous hang ups about my body, overwhelming anxiety about who I was and where I was going, and layer upon layer of frustration, confusion and self-doubt. I’m not going to lie to you my teen years were…

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football christmas ornaments

Sexism in school PE lessons

Throughout year 7 to 9 I experienced sexism in PE lessons (physical education) at school. I am a tomboy and always have been. As a result of this I have been bullied as I don’t fit in with the normal expectations of a girl. PE lessons in school didn’t help my confidence as we were made…

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Thank you for supporting women around the world!

As National Women’s Day approaches, I’d like to take a moment and share what you’ve been able to do by supporting my company. To date, Girls Can’t WHAT? has been able to lend $14,450 to 577 women in 56 countries to help them achieve their goals. Their dreams range from simple things like installing indoor plumbing…

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World’s Best Story

Rising above adversity and healing from pain is inherently possible in every human. The key to making that happen is choice. For me, making the choice to rise out of my own adversity to help other people was a rewarding extension of my life’s pursuits. Here is my story … My name is Iniobong Usanga.…

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