Nicole Lapin CAN!

Nicole Lapin

Who said you can’t be a young, gorgeous and successful woman and still be classy at the same time? Nicole Lapin is 23-years-old. She’s the same age as Paris, Britney and the rest of the bunch. In fact, she looks a lot like Lindsay Lohan…but she doesn’t act like her. Here’s an example of a girl who’s made it as an anchor on CNN without partying, doing drugs and taking off her clothes.

Nicole Lapin is a girl who CAN make a difference. She’s pictured in her series “Young People Who Rock”– where she talks to respectable young men and women about making a difference in the world. Lord knows, seeing the “Girls Gone Wild” depiction of Hollywood– we all need a little bit of that. Nicole Lapin is the girl who CAN bring it to us!!!


  • Apu Peen

    What happened to Orly, her mom? Seems to have vanished, dating website gone and nothing on the web.

  • Bassirou

    I’m here to make myself known to “nicole that am a regular viewer of her programs on CNN and like her she admires me a lot. Am a 23 year old black guy living in France the purpose of writing you this message is that i want to be in contact with her i’d really be glad to be in contact with you so i ‘m looking forward your reply .

  • You surely don’t remember me, but I was your and brother Nick’s Nanny way back in the late 1980’s. It’s great to catch up with your growth and accomplishments. Wishing you, Nick, and Orly many successes.

  • I came her doing a search on Nicole.. I’ve seen her “Young People” series on CNN for a while and decided to do a search. She is a total role model for 20 somethings women! I think it’s just awesome! Go Nicole!

  • A

    Thanks for posting this! I had no idea who Nicole was and I would love to tune in to her show. Do you know when it airs?


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