I have to awesome friends they are so cool but we all fight over each other so shuold I pick my friend who I can talk to about anything and every thing or should I go with the friend who makes me forget my thoghts and have fun??? I agree with gretchen I do have a bunch of friends but these are my closest girls we have been together foreverand nothing could ever split us up it’s just that one min. we are auditionig for the talent show -then the next we cancel the act!! or say we are at the beach and me and one of my friends want to lay and tan and then my other friend convises me to go swiming she won’t let my other friend come to the pool with us I just wish my step-mom were here to give me here advice on this situation


  • “I don™t go to one over the other when I have a problem – usually it™s just a matter of who answers their email first. ;)”

    Heh. Since when have you EVER gone to a friend with an actual “problem”? :D

    *mumbles about having to DRAG info out of Gretchen*


  • A

    I think you need to balance both friends. It’s not healthy to have just one friend. I have a lot of friends but only a couple of really close friends. We don’t fight over each other (well ok – they fight over me :)) ).

    I guess don’t think of any of my close friends as being a certain way. They are all fun people to hang out with and they can all be serious when I need them to be. I don’t go to one over the other when I have a problem – usually it’s just a matter of who answers their email first. ;)

    If your friends aren’t getting along whether you are around or not, then they have issues that they need to work out. Let them know that their fighting bothers you – they may not even be aware of it.

  • chica linda

    i think you should go with the one you can talk to about any thing cause otherwise youed be mean>:)


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