NAKED: I’m Going Naked For The Sake of Beauty and Humanity!

Submitted By: Jenny Arzola | Age: 27 


I trust all is well.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my email.

My name is Jenny Arzola and just like you, my life mission is to inspire others.

I would love your feedback on a short film I recently wrote, produced, directed and acted on for my YouTube Channel. After 6 long months of hard work, dedication, patience & sacrifice, my project has finally come together. This film is specifically meant for women, with the purpose of diminishing our sense of competition & cattiness. While at the same time raising our standards, self-worth and highlighting our strengths.

My mission with this short film is to reach as many women as possible to help them realize and max out their full potential. It would be an honor to hear what you have to say & if you can share the video on your blog or social media accounts.

I’m just looking to spread my light with the world and I believe you are the perfect fit to help me achieve this. I hope you think so too!

Thanks again,

Jenny Arzola

******VIDEO LINK: ******

Find me at:


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