Submitted By: Shona | Age: 24 

Track-pic-1I have been riding motorcycles since I was 8 years old and this was only due to my own stubbornness. My little brother, then 5 years old, was bought a 50cc twist and go, and feeling like I was missing out, I sulked until I was allowed to have a go. I guess it was at that point the water had been put on the seed… I had found my passion in life, although still too young to realise this. Although my family encouraged me to do what I felt passionate about in life, they were always (and still are) nervous and worried every time I get on a motorcycle.

I rode offroad in fields near my house growing up, up until I was about 13years old. At this time one of my dad’s best friends was killed on his motorcycle doing his usual commute to work. I guess it spooked me.

It wasn’t until I was 17years old, getting the bus to work every day which cost me a fortune, against my dad’s wishes, I booked my CBT and bought a scooter.
I rode round on the little scooter for a few months, with my bright pink helmet and jacket (haha), my love had been rekindled.

Once my dad realised I wasn’t going to be put off so easily, he bought me a geared 125 and started helping me train for my test.
After a couple of failed attempts, some tears and tantrums, I passed my Module 1 and 2 on the same day (a risk that paid off!) in May 2009.

I haven’t stopped learning since.

Biking has never been something that has come easily to me. I was never naturally talented… My passion often outweighs my talent haha.
When I first started out, it was very male dominated, I was normally the only female, often getting ridiculed for “Riding like a girl”.
I see nothing wrong with Riding like a girl! I am proud of it! Thankfully now, as the years have passed, I see more and more females joining the ranks!

I am forever trying to encourage more females to get into bikes and I am also a Rep for a small company called Realroads, in an attempt to get more women to join in on the activities and tours that they offer :-)

I do several disciplines of biking (road riding, track, enduro/motox and also have recently started to stunt ride)… anything I can do to improve my skills and show that girls can do it too, just as well as the guys can!

For more pictures please check out my public facebook page in the link below.

Find me at:


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