Stronger Than Pretty

Submitted By: Jaret Martino | Age: over 21 



Stronger Than Pretty is a feature film based on a true story. Find all details on our development and view the proof of concept film on the website:

Logline: True love becomes true fear when the “American Dream” turns into a young woman’s living nightmare until she finds the inner strength to hear a voice she hadn’t listened to before, her own.

We have a special screening at the Sundance Film Festival on January 26, 2016! Hosted by #indielounge and Popwrapped Entertainment Group!

As an artist, I create projects that I hope will make a difference in the world and shed light on subject matters deserving of more attention from society and the filmmaking community. In particular, I am compelled to tell stories where women are the heroes who save themselves. Stronger Than Pretty is an empowering film about the journey of finding your voice.

Women often must fight for social and financial equality. This was my mother’s reality, and the inspiration for “Stronger Than Pretty”. Based on actual events in her life, this is a story that will heal and help so many.

PLEASE support our website release thunderclap campaign: Its FREE, and we’re almost 3 MILLION strong is our social reach !

Find me at:

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