Moving to a Foreign Country Alone

most recentMany people advise against women traveling alone so you can imagine what they think about women moving to a foreign country by themselves. However, that is just what I did.

For years I have had the idea of moving to a foreign country in the back of my mind. It seemed like something I simply needed to do. The fact that one of my degrees happens to be Spanish only made the desire stronger. I knew that it would not only be an amazing experience, but only an excellent resume builder. I simply had to go.

Of course, I didn’t always want to do it on my own. I suppose I always pictured moving with a significant other or a friend, but when it came down to it, I didn’t want to plan my life around someone else. I was sick of waiting so I decided to take the plunge on my own.

In 2010 I was working a great job, had a nice apartment and a good life in St. Louis, Missouri. I decided to give it all up to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The real planning started in February, 4 months before my actual move in June. I had to arrange my flights, search apartments from across the world and even make travel arrangements for my dog who I planned to bring with me. All the while I was desperately searching for employment.

It quickly became clear that no one wanted to even consider hiring me before I had landed in Argentina. This was a significant snag and really made me reconsider the move, but I simply couldn’t give up. I made a new budget based on the amount of money I had in my savings and focused on finding a place for my dog and I to live.

When I got to Argentina, I took any work I could get. I taught English, worked as a bilingual nanny and even did some translations. Eventually, I decided to get more serious about my work and started a Travel website with 2 friends called Travelated.

It’s been a long process, but Travelated is now a successful website for which I am a writer and co-founder. We have created a presence for ourselves within the travel blogging and writing community now have significant attention from advertisers. It’s really an amazing feat that I am proud to have accomplished with my friends who still live in the US.

Travelated is my passion, but I certainly couldn’t forget about my daily work here. I managed to get a job with benefits as well as legal working status. The process of getting a work visa in Argentina is not a simple one, but I am happy to say I am officially a legal resident and employee of Argentina.

Anyone who says girls cannot travel or move abroad on their own is crazy. Any girl with the right motivation and determination can do what I have done.

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  • i want to move to canada and i have my mind set on it. im 16 years old and a uprising artist and medic. i have a family of ten and three of them are ‘special’ and i wanna leave, what should i do.canada is beautiful and i wanna move there.

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      Marisol – If I were you, the first thing I would do is start formulating a plan. I would research where you want to go, what jobs are available and start saving up towards it. Dreams don’t happen. Dreams are made.

      You can do anything you set your mind to do, but without a plan, it won’t ever happen. Start mapping it out and learning as much as you can. That is the first step!

  • Rease, I love your post! You’ve got guts, girl! And I love, too, that you managed to take your pub along on your adventure. I think you’ll find this post inspiring, too. Jennifer Conrad, a single woman, moved from NYC to China on her own. Talk about gutsy!

  • Thanks Gretchen! I would recommend taking the leap to anyone who has dreamt about it!

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    Rease – I love that you didn’t plan your life around other people and their expectations. You took on the world your way! And you get bonus points for taking your dog with you. :)

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. I’m sure other future world travelers will find it inspiring as well!

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