Good old days?

Girls in my generation, the ‘50’s, weren’t told they couldn’t so much as they were ignored. There were no competitive sports for girls. The expectation that a girl’s destiny was to get married and raise a family and support whatever the husband wanted. Title XI said “yes” to girls and gave them the opportunity to shine and to develop their lives in so many ways. I’m so glad girls have Voices to say “YES” to whatever they decide to try and accomplish.

Those who look to the “good old days” weren’t girls who had dreams. It was hard to dream because there were so many limits on what you could dream about becoming. There were three vocations, teaching, secretary or nursing. WOW, talk about saying you can’t do that. Other options were not available. Basically women were to be housewives and mothers, not that we didn’t want that, but there were no prizes to be something earth shaking. Women in Politics, please. There was one woman Senator and she was something else. But no one said that you could take that path. She was wealthy and well-placed.

I am so excited about the opportunities that girls have today. Oh, yes, you can!!

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    Rose – thank you so much for posting. It’s women like you who helped pave the way for future generations. Yes – you had a rougher time than we do now, but your generation pressed on and never gave up. Even though we stil have a ways to go in gender equality, we owe a lot to you for where we are now!

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