Eliminate these 3 things to fast track your dream

archery girlAs a new year begins, the tendency for a lot of people is to add something new to their plate. A new goal, a new routine, a new hobby, etc.

What most people fail to do is eliminate some of the not-so-good stuff first. In order to move forward with any goal, you need get rid of some junk to make room for better things.

When you want to focus on a goal, there are three main things that you should address. These 3 items should be reduced or removed from your life if you plan to make big changes and achieve your goals.


This may be a no-brainer, but it’s hard to let go of bad habits sometimes. Negativity in any form will interfere with your thoughts and prevent you from achieving your goals in the most optimal manner possible. Your brain needs to focus and run efficiently so you can make good decisions, work quickly and stay on track. Get rid of the negative crap in your life and you’ll move light years ahead in a matter of days.

Here are some places where negativity might show up: friends who talk down about themselves or others, social media feeds, internal thought patterns, tv shows, music, web sites. Consider how you feel when you encounter any of these. If you don’t walk away from these sources feeling better or more knowledgeable than before, then perhaps you should reduce or remove them from your life.

Each time you encounter a situation, ask yourself if that drained you or energized you. Only stick with stuff that fuels your energy.

Time Suckers

Your most precious resource is time. You only get so much per day and you can’t buy more. Everyone gets the same number of hours in a day. What we do with those hours makes all the difference in the world.

You should guard your hours like gold. Don’t let people or things control your time without your consent. This step can take a while to master, but when you learn to say no to the stuff that drains your energy or takes up valuable time, your life will change in ways you never imagined before.

A great way to figure out what (or who) consumes your time is to keep a time diary or a calendar. Track your time throughout the day (use your phone, an agenda or notebook) and note your energy levels as things happen. When you discover something that drains you or that you just don’t want to do anymore, find a way to stop doing it or delegate it to someone else.


I will be perfectly honest on this one… I rarely ever find myself in a situation where I am bored. That’s because I have goals.

I set personal goals, work goals and even hobby goals. I’m never bored because no matter what I’m doing, I am moving towards completing a goal.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are bored, then you need to either eliminate that activity altogether, delegate it, or set a goal so you have something to focus on. Boredom achieves nothing.

What’s next?

The next topic we’re going to cover for fast tracking your dreams is habits. It’s going to be pretty mind-blowing so you don’t want to miss that one! If you haven’t signed up to get your free eGuide “How to set amazing goals and achieve them”, you can grab your copy here.

Do you have tips or ideas for busting out from under negativity, time suckers and boredom? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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