19 year old designs a bra that doesn’t scream sex and builds her own company

Submitted By: Megan Grassell | Age: 19 


YellowberryMy name is Megan Grassell, and I am 19-years-old from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I recently started my own company, Yellowberry.

Yellowberry started after I went shopping for bras with my younger sister, Mary Margaret, who was 13 at the time. We went to the mall to purchase her very first ones, but couldn’t find any that she liked or that she could fit in to. Not that she was over developed or underdeveloped, but the only options she had were either a few sports bras and low quality, boring bras in white/beige, or the most common options were over-sexualized, padded, and push-up bras advertising to grow-two cup sizes.

I remember her coming out of the dressing room, and I just wanted to cover her up… She did not need to wear that! We came home from this trip, and I was frustrated. I saw something wrong with the stores, the mall, and the bra options for girls. Where was just a cute, colorful, and youthful bra for girls her age?? The simple answer is that there just wasn’t one. Instead of complaining about this problem, my solution was to create a product that did not exist… So I founded Yellowberry.

As I moved forward with this idea and company, I wanted to build my brand as a bra company that made bras for girls and also addressed the bigger picture social message as well, which is the over sexualization of these tween girls.

The name: Before a fruit is fully ripened, it is just a yellow berry. The berry first is green, and as it grows and ages it becomes closer to its final stage of red, purple, orange, or pink. First, however, it passes through several shades of yellow that take time. Those yellow stages happen naturally, often awkwardly, and shouldn’t be rushed. That is the essence of Yellowberry.

Yellowberry bras are for girls, ages 10-15, who would like another option for their bras. A bra that doesn’t scream sex! I want to make bras that stand for empowerment and confidence. Bras that when worn, make a girl feel like she can take on the world.

That is exactly what I have done.

I want to share my story and my business with others who I think are also interested in empowering young women, because what better message can a girl receive than, “You have the potential to do anything in the world, if you just go out and do it.”

Find me at: http://www.yellowberrycompany.com or join me on kickstarter


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    Someone on Facebook suggested they do a line for women, too. I would totally buy some if they did.

  • That’s exactly the problem my 13 yo has shopping! Bravo for addressing the problem and coming up with a solution. Thanks for sharing :)

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