Thank you for supporting women around the world!

As National Women’s Day approaches, I’d like to take a moment and share what you’ve been able to do by supporting my company. To date, Girls Can’t WHAT? has been able to lend $14,450 to 577 women in 56 countries to help them achieve their goals. Their dreams range from simple things like installing indoor plumbing…

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Fast track your dreams in 2015

astronaut girl

My daughter’s 10th grade English class was given the assignment to write a letter to someone that inspires them. This past week I received 3 letters. One from my daughter and 2 from her classmates – all of them focused on Girls Can’t WHAT playing a huge part in helping them realize that dreams are limitless and they can…

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Thumb broken. Need your help.

Thumb broken. Need your help

As I mentioned over on the Girls Can’t WHAT? Facebook page, I had surgery on my thumb a few weeks ago. I am currently starting week 8/10 with my hand in a cast. This makes it very difficult to type and of course draw new Girls Can’t WHAT? characters for the shop. But that hasn’t stopped…

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Free Coloring Pages for Girls

Free Coloring Pages for Girls

Free coloring pages for girls are now available at Girls Can’t WHAT?! We are so excited to announce this as so many of you have requested we add coloring pages. These are great for girl scout meetings, church groups, classrooms and more. Print your favorite coloring pages and share them with your friends. You can…

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Show us what you do and win!

Photo Contest

Here’s how it works: Take a photo of yourself or your child doing what you love to do. It could be playing sports, posing on the job or just being funny. Submit your photo before February 5th by clicking here. Share your entry and tell your friends to vote! The photo with the most votes…

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Women’s Ski Jumping: Because girls can fly, too!

Womens Ski Jumping Valentine

This year marks the first time women can compete in the ski jumping event at the 2014 Winter Olympics. After a long fight, women skiers will finally be able to show off their skills on the slopes alongside the men. I am incredibly excited to see this event. If you’re not familiar with women’s ski…

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What we achieved in 2013, with your help!

Girls Can't WHAT? Superhero

This past year has been a whirlwind of changes for the Girls Can’t WHAT? company. And while 2013 has had it’s ups and downs, I would consider it to be successful in many ways. We accomplished some amazing things and by “we” I am including you. Your support for Girls Can’t WHAT? has helped me in so…

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What the Elves did while you were sleeping…

Ice Skating Girl

Things have been very busy here over the last couple of months. In fact, I just realized that in the mad rush to complete all of the special requests in time for the holidays, I have neglected to announce some of the newest designs added to the shop! So without further ado, here they are!…

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What one factor makes a keepsake worth keeping?

Girls Can't WHAT? Ornament

Every year my husband and I give our daughters a new Christmas ornament. Sometimes we let them pick one out and sometimes we surprise them. As our girls reach the teenage years, we are realizing that we have quite the ornament collection (including some of mine from the early 70’s). We have more than can…

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Can I share your photo?


One of the most popular things at Girls Can’t WHAT? is the fan photos. I love showing off what girls CAN do! Forget the celebrities and lame photos that have been floating around your feed for the last few weeks. Frankly, they are boring me. And if I’m bored, then you probably are, too. I…

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