Thumb broken. Need your help.

thumb-surgeryAs I mentioned over on the Girls Can’t WHAT? Facebook page, I had surgery on my thumb a few weeks ago. I am currently starting week 8/10 with my hand in a cast. This makes it very difficult to type and of course draw new Girls Can’t WHAT? characters for the shop.

But that hasn’t stopped me.

I’ve added a scientist, a surgeon and a water skier (available soon) in that time frame and I’m working hard to add more before the holiday shopping season kicks in.

If you’d like me to make a specific design before the end of November, leave your request in the comments below.

Show off your skills!

Now… since typing is slow going around here and I just feel weird using the speech-to-text dictation (plus my dog looks at me funny), I’m putting out a call to all of you fine ladies. I KNOW you have incredible things to share with us on Girls Can’t WHAT? and I want to hear from you.

If you have an awesome story about overcoming gender barriers or you have great video footage of your sporting event or a trick you can do, let’s see it! Visit the Share Your Story page to submit your entry.


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