What we achieved in 2013, with your help!

Girls Can't WHAT? SuperheroThis past year has been a whirlwind of changes for the Girls Can’t WHAT? company. And while 2013 has had it’s ups and downs, I would consider it to be successful in many ways. We accomplished some amazing things and by “we” I am including you.

Your support for Girls Can’t WHAT? has helped me in so many ways. Often, it’s the little things that have such a great impact. Sometimes it’s a sweet comment left on our Facebook page, or reposting one of the quotes I added to Instagram with a note about how it inspires you. I am especially thrilled when a fan photo like this one is posted to our social media pages and you jump right in with likes and praises, encouraging young women to keep chasing their dreams.

We’ve launched some very cool stuff on the site this year. Girls Can’t WHAT? now features the ColorizeME designer so you can create a custom version of your favorite character. We added a gallery to showcase all of the quote images from our social media.

And best of all we have more than DOUBLED the amount of giving to help women around the world achieve their dreams through our lending program. To date we have been able to assist over 400 women and their families in countries all over the globe. I can’t thank you enough for your support. We are changing the world, one girl at a time!

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As we close out the year, I have one more big announcement. Since kicking off the Girls Can’t WHAT? inspirational quote series, many of these images I post on social media have gone viral. I’ve received private emails thanking me for the encouragement and the number of likes, comments and shares speak for themselves.

There was only one problem.

Due to recent changes on several social media platforms, not everyone is able to see the quotes now. Some people even wrote to ask me if I had stopped making them! After much research, I came up with a very simple solution. It’s called the Daily Dynamite!

The Daily Dynamite is a free email subscription, but not like any you’ve ever seen before. No one likes spam, ads or long emails so the Daily Dynamite will have none of that. It is simply one of my Girls Can’t WHAT? quote images and a few words (like what you see pictured here). It may be inspiring, motivational, funny or it may challenge you. Whatever it happens to be, you will be able to read the whole thing in about 10 seconds. After that, feel free to laugh out loud, share the inspiration with a friend, act on the challenge or delete it. It’s a quick and powerful way to start off your day!

The Daily Dynamite kicks off tomorrow, so sign up now and don’t miss a single one! Sign up below…

P.S. I have two VERY HUGE announcements planned for 2014. They are my main goals for the year. The first one should arrive around February/March and the other one in June/July. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned!

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