You make it happen!

1298791Thank you seems like such an underwhelming choice of words, but it’s the only thing that fits. As of today, Girls Can’t WHAT? has given over $6,000 to help 239 women around the world reach their dreams. But we can’t do that without you! You make it happen and we just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for supporting Girls Can’t WHAT? whether you are a blog reader, a customer or a lending team member.

We’ve done a great job together so far, and we’re motivated to do even more. Girls Can’t WHAT? currently invests 20% of our profits into KIVA loans to help women reach their goals of financial independence, security and education. And while shop sales are always a great way for us to accumulate the cash for investing, we’d like to share the joy of giving with you by letting you know you can go beyond buying Girls Can’t WHAT? gifts for your friends and family and make your own investment into the lives of others.

What does all this “giving” do?


Excellent question! If you’re not familiar with KIVA, it’s a micro-lending platform.  Basically, you lend a small amount of money to someone needing to build their business, add indoor plumbing or pay for school, etc. By small we mean “$25 small”. Like a month’s worth of Starbucks small. In a few weeks or months (whatever the loan period is for), you get paid back. In full. No hidden fees. Nada. We’ve been doing this for a few years now and it’s a fantastic program!

Now here’s the cool part…When you get paid back, you can then reinvest the money to help someone else, or you can put it back in your pocket. It’s your money. You can make a single loan or you can make as many as you like to different people. We’ve made so many loans over the years that each month we’re not only investing our current profits, but we’re re-investing what we’ve already put in. That means we’re doubling and tripling the amount of people we can help every month without investing any additional money above the 20% from our monthly sales. How awesome is that?

At Girls Can’t WHAT? we are big believers in goals and we’ve set a huge one for 2013. We’re aiming to give $10,000 through our lending team this year. That number may seem huge, but we’re already at $1900 in March, so it’s totally doable!

Girls Can't WHAT? Lending Team Goal

What’s the catch?

First of all, there is no catch. We know all this talk about money and goals sometimes freaks people out. That’s not our intention. In fact, what we really want you to see is how easy it is to help other people, especially women who are trying to get their dreams off the ground. It’s so easy we wanted to share the process with you and show you how you can be a greater part of helping more people. It’s a no-brainer. It’s really that easy!

Joining the Girls Can’t WHAT? lending team is free. By joining our team, you help us reach our goals faster than we can on our own. All you have to do to get started is click here and sign up.

Again we want to thank you for your generous support of the Girls Can’t WHAT? site, the shop and the attitude! When some says you can’t… say Girls Can’t WHAT? and go change the world!

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