Tricks Guys Can’t Do

There’s this trick that *supposedly* only women can do.

  1. Stand three feet away from a wall
  2. Bend over and put your head against the wall
  3. Now try to stand up while lifting a chair.

If you’re a woman, you should be able to do it successfully, but if you’re a man, you won’t be able get back up into a standing position while holding the chair. I believe it really has something to do with height, not gender. Anyone want to try this and report back?


  • i can but my 15 brothers cant

  • I remember when I was younger I freaked out my aunt by cheating this. I put some extra weight in my pockets and hid some ankle weights underneath my jeans, and was able to do this. My aunt started rambling to my mom about how there must be something medically wrong with me because boys aren’t supposed to be able to do that. XD

  • Im a boy and i was able to do it. Why dont people believe me?

  • It’s feet size, have a girl do it and stand in the same place and you can do it

  • I was always told it was a difference in male and female bones

  • I am a man and have size 10 feet and am 5 ft 7 inch and weigh ten and a half stone, and I can do this but I have a big dick so my centre of gravity is much weightier in the middle than in the top in fact I’d say it probably half my body weight in that thing. Unfortunately not all men have large weighty girthy dicks such as my self, and in some ways I really feel for them, so don’t look down on these small dicked men that cant lift that box, they are people with feelings.

    You can’t argue with that its science.

  • jessica

    I can’t do it. I am a girl and I can’t do it!!!

  • professor Kat

    this is a center of gravity activity, often done when learning about cog and mass in school. in general, it is an easier task for women because their center of gravity is in their hips and waists, which are over the feet when leaning at a 90 degree angle. Men however have a center of gravity that is primarily in their muscular chests and shoulders. (women have more muscle mass in their hips and waist, since breast tissue is fat cells not muscle). When there are exceptions to the rule, men who do it easily or women who cannot do it or struggle with it, the variable is core strength. A man with above average core strength can compensate for the center of gravity not being over his feet, but in his upper body, closer to the head he is trying to lift, which by the way, the chair has little to do with it. Women who have a weak core, may struggle despite her properly placed center of gravity for this particular lift. So men who can do this, good for you for having a strong core. and women who cant, now you know you need to strengthen your core, but for most women, just average core strength is sufficient for this activity, thanks to your waist and hips, the weightiest part of most female bodies. All the stuff about height, length of feet, child bearing strong backs, and hip rotation have nothing to do with it. There are some similar activities that showcase the more free movement of women,’ hips however., but not this particular one. ok bruised egos, this wasnt a test of strength or brains, it was simply a demonstration of the center of gravity. that is why sumo wrestlers squat, because lowering their center of gravity make it harder to knock them off their feet.

  • There is NO TRICK TO THIS! I has to do with Body Mechanics in male and female. Female’s center of gravity remains over her hips.. but male’s body center of gravit is over his chest. Watch closely and you see it!

  • Haha we tried this. My husband and step dad couldn’t do it but I could. Three various heights and sizes.
    We think it’s because women are genetically created to carry a baby, or a heavy load in the front (I.e chair). I picked up the chair and said it was my abs that did the work, both the boys said it was their hamstrings that were being used.


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