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The Navy Girl

She's undergone eight weeks of boot camp. Pushing herself to the limits. Undergoing the same rigorous training as her male counterpart.  She's a Navy sailor girl.

It was all worth it.  This challenging, incredibly empowering, satisfying career is her life.  She's proven herself.  She's motivated and competent.  She is more than up to the task.

This girl set her sights on an enlisted career with the Navy.  Hands-on skill and adrenaline.  She holds herself to the highest personal standards.  Her options are wide open.  She may choose construction, law enforcement, or even special operations.  Whatever her title, she’s hardcore. She’s a Navy sailor girl.

She’s a diver performing submarine rescue or maybe even underwater salvage.  Her level of fitness and stamina is unmatched.  She maintains intense cardio and strength training.  Yeah, she can handle the job.

She could work on a ship with advanced weapons or on medical relief mission on a hospital ship.  You could see her on an aircraft carrier, a cruiser, or maybe a destroyer.  She might be the one over there beaming with pride and honor serving on the USS New York. She’s a Navy sailor girl.

Graduation day  has come and she's ready to pursue an officer career.  She's more than qualified.  She exhibits high moral standards and has proven her strong academic performance.  She may be an aviation officer or an officer in healthcare or nuclear propulsion.

She's committed.  She's dedicated.  She believed she could, so she did.

Navy Sailor Girl Gifts

One thing that all Navy sailor girls have in common is that they’re girls and they love gifts! Surprise your favorite Navy sailor girl with one of our customizable gifts. From coasters, to jewelry boxes, to candy jars and card decks, our wide selection of Navy sailor girl gifts are sure to put a smile on her face. Customize your gift to make it as special and unique as your Navy girl.


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