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Girls Lacrosse Preview

The Lacrosse Girl

Known as the "fastest sport on two feet," this scrappy girl goes the distance and knows how to get after it!

She focuses on the game plan with matchless determination.  She may be one of the attackers or a close defender on her team.  Doesn't matter.  She possesses finesse and speed. She’s a lacrosse girl.

Just like the girls in the first girls lacrosse game in Scotland over a hundred years ago, she is committed to the core values of the game.  She stays ready for the challenge, and her dream may be to play in the World Cup one day on the girls' lacrosse team.

Her team of twelve is not just a team to her, but they are partners, a family.  On the field or off, she has their backs.

She is unshakable and zealous, dedicated to her craft and puts in the intense effort required to play this ambitious sport.

Yeah, she plays like a girl. Some things are just better that way.  Her male counterparts play with brutal strength, but she knows that in her game it takes raw skill.

As she walks off the field, her skin dripping with sweat, muscles screaming for rest, another victory to celebrate, she smiles and waves to the adoring crowd. Girls lacrosse is her game, and winning is her way.

Oh girl, you had me at "I play lacrosse."

Girls Lacrosse Gifts

Celebrate her big win with our customizable girls lacrosse gifts. From beverage coasters, to jewelry boxes, to mousepads, or jigsaw puzzles, we have lots of unique gifts perfect for any girls' lacrosse champion.

You can even customize the colors of the girls lacrosse image on each of our gifts to perfectly match the style and appearance of your favorite lacrosse girl. Show her how much you care and that you’re proud of her awesome performance.


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