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The Drummer Girl

There's just something about a drummer girl.  Yeah, she's all that and then some.  She's a little feisty and a lot of spunk, the real genuine article.

She's a little rock and roll, or maybe she's all jazz.  She might be jammin' to some punk rock or hip-hop, or maybe it's that little twang in country she craves.  Whatever her genre, she's the driving force of the band. She’s a drummer girl.

She can hold down the time and stay in the pocket.  She's a human metronome.  She feels the beat direct from the core.  The drum plays her.

As she sits on her throne, beating out a paradiddle on her beloved Gretsch or maybe her Ludwig, her audience wonders, "Who knew a girl could play like that?"

The girl is all rhythm and drums.  She's got soul, she's got tempo, the girl can groove.  She's at one with the band.  She plays with authority.

She doesn't hold back and she has no fear.  She dreams of the next tour.  If it's true that a band is only as good as its drummer, then this girl's band is sensational.

Feel the energy, fasten your seatbelt, prepare yourself for a dazzling display of awesomeness.  She will thrill you and so much more.  She's a drummer girl.

When she’s not rocking the drums, she can be found chilling with her friends or listening to her favorite bands. Tapping her fingers to every beat she hears, she has an appreciation for music like no other.

Drummer Girl Gifts

Whether she’s a drummer girl for fun or profession, she’s just a regular girl at heart. And what girl doesn’t like to receive gifts? Treat your favorite drummer girl to some customizable drummer girl coasters or a unique drummer girl gift box. All of our drummer girl gifts can be customized with her favorite colors to ensure a gift that is unique as she is.


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