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Construction Girl


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Construction Girl Preview

The Construction Girl

She laces up her boots and wears her hard hat like a badge.  With bruised arms she carries her tool bag, saw, drill, and wire cutters as she climbs a ladder to reach the work site.

She's a construction girl.  Yeah, this job is physically and mentally demanding.  She could do whatever she wanted.  This job didn't choose her.  She chose it.

See her over there?  She's the supervisor overseeing the construction of a new home or a shopping mall.  And that girl over there?  She's a foreman giving orders for a new bridge construction or a highway project. She’s a construction girl.

She's paid her dues.  It's not an easy place for a girl.  When the wolf-whistles and rude comments came, she had to make a decision to try harder and stand her ground or walk away.  She's not the kind that walks away, so the choice was easy.  This girl didn't go to engineering school to learn how to watch paint dry.

She's smart and her math knowledge proves her to be an excellent carpenter.  The computer skills she possesses shaped her into a heavy machine operator that all the guys respect and look up to.  She may be on the road roller smoothing out freshly laid asphalt, or digging a hole with the backhoe.  She has an eye for detail and she is meticulous.

No one said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.  And they were right.  She's a construction girl, and she’s building the future one project at a time.

Construction Girl Gifts

Every construction girl deserves to be celebrated. Show her how much you love her with these customizable construction girl gifts. Customize the image on each of these gifts to liken them to your favorite construction girl. Some of our most popular construction girl gifts include construction worker coasters and the construction worker premium keepsake box. Whichever gifts you choose, you know you’ll be honoring your construction girl for the special person that she is.


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