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Girl Pilot


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The Girl Pilot

Some girls do it for fun, some do it for their jobs, and others do it as a career.  One thing they all have in common is that they do it because they love it and they can't imagine doing anything else.  They're pilot girls.

That girl is the pilot of a big jet engine, or maybe she commands a space shuttle.  Some girls are flight instructors who teach and encourage other girls to achieve their dreams of flying the aircraft of their choice.

This girl pilot might be the one with the nerves of steel that's required to carry out her job as a test pilot, the most hazardous job of all pilots.

Maybe she has chosen to pilot the helicopter that transports the accident victim to the hospital heliport, or maybe she's the first one to arrive above the massive forest fire, working relentlessly until it is extinguished.

In the flight deck she has the best seat on the plane, positioned behind the controls and screens, the world before her, as she maneuvers her aircraft through the skies and on to its final destination.

During the night flight as her passengers rest their eyes and sleep, she is on full alert and focused on her mission.  She has a front row seat to the vast night sky. She’s a girl pilot and she’s loving every minute of it.

She's earned her place.  It wasn't easy.  She's put in the hours.  She did her share of fly-out weekends and skill-building days.  The aviation industry has proven to be a very challenging and demanding career.

She's accomplished in learning and teaching.  She's worked extremely hard for her professional image.  She possesses outstanding skill and expertise.  She has gained respect as a pilot girl.

Her passengers feel reassured when they hear her voice overhead from the flight deck as she taxis the enormous Boeing 777 down the runway, "This is your captain speaking...."  Yeah, this is your girl pilot.

Girl Pilot Gifts

Show your favorite girl pilot some love with our customizable girl pilot gifts. When she’s not flying planes you can bet she’s spending time on her computer or iPad. She’ll love to display our customizable girl pilot image on a gel mousepad or iPad cover. Or, let her show her pilot pride with our girl pilot coasters. She’ll be thrilled to see just how much you care. 

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