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The Air Force Girl

Her mission is to fly, fight and win.  This girl is anything but common.  She's an Air Force girl.

Climbing into a fighter jet gets this girl's adrenaline pumping, flying even faster than the speed of sound.  She's a combat pilot and her goal is to make sure those on the ground make it home to their families.

She's a feisty one.  She faces threats head-on and is the first to sign up for a risky job.  She's a warrior, and her career is fulfilling and challenging.

The Air Force girl is compassionate and works to serve mankind in humanitarian crises.  She's a great leader, which is why she is chosen when a large natural disaster strikes and communication is critical to saving lives.

Maybe she's part of a search and rescue team, or she may be in charge of the EMCO, providing cardiac and respiratory support to children and infants.

She's paid her dues.  She was pushed to the limits in basic training and realized just what she is capable of.  She prepares herself physically and mentally.  Yeah, she's on fire and she lives for this stuff.

She may be a mechanic or she might work in administration or electronics.  Maybe she's a squadron commander. Whatever her title, she’s an Air Force girl.

This girl has endured over 9 weeks of intense officer training.  She is physically conditioned and has received the highest level of leadership and skills training.  She is ready to roll.

No matter where she serves as officer - scientific, technical, or specialty – she commands respect.  You can be sure when she speaks, all eyes are on her, and she will be heard.  She's an Air Force girl.

Air Force Girl Gifts

Show your loved one how much they mean to you with our customizable gifts for Air Force girls. Whether it is our Air Force girl beverage coasters or an Air Force girl jewelry box, you can rest assured you’ll be sending the message that you’re proud of your Air Force girl for the hero that she is. Each of our gifts can be color customized to better represent the unique Air Force girl you’re celebrating today.


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