Ice Skating Movie – An exercise in trusting myself

Submitted By: Maddison Bullock | Age: 24 

Hi! My name is Maddison Bullock, I am the writer and producer of a new independent Ice Skating Movie called Ice The Movie. The narrative follows the journey of two elite level figure skaters and the challenges they face in the hyper individualistic world of competitive figure skating. Ultimately the film serves as a celebration of athletic integrity, commitment to a dream, and defining what it means to honor true friendship.

We finished principle photography in December and I now have all of this beautiful footage and have since developed many life long friendships with my cast and crew. I am a first time filmmaker so it goes without saying that I would not been in my present position if it were not for the patience, hard work, expertise, and passion of the entire Ice The Movie Team. However, between you and me I admit that there is one relationship that stands out the most. In fact if I did not approach this relationship with the most unconditional forms of love, enthusiasm, and trust… well the dream would have stopped dead in its tracks. Yikes! This person must have had a lot of power huh? Well she did, and thats why the relationship to which I refer is the one to myself.

One of my goals for Ice The Movie is for children and adults to watch the film and fall in love with the sport of Ice Skating. Maybe for the first time, or maybe for the fifth time, or maybe even remind them that despite new responsibilities or developments in their life, that there is still a place in their heart for a sport that had once so deeply moved them. Well, it is a universal truth that true love is not realized without being vulnerable, correct?

As such, I realized very quickly that in order to create inspiring, authentic, and relatable, characters with open hearts I had to keep an open heart as a writer and producer! I think sometimes society tells women that there is something mysterious and desirable about being guarded. That they can have ideas but they really ought to censor where they are projected. To me this is so wrong. Ice The Movie taught me that there is nothing so infectious as someone who believes in themselves and boldly shares their ideas, opinions, and zest for life with those around them!

Of course not all of your ideas will stick, not everyone is going to join in your celebration, but if you keep the walls down the purity of you creativity will shine through. In this sense I encourage you to get excited about the unique brand of heroism attached to being a storyteller. It is by no means easy to keep that wall down, to endure countless rejections, to have an idea be laughed at, but there is beauty at the end if you can keep your creative light shinning bright enough and long enough. If you do I promise that the right people will see it and be guided to your dream. So get excited about the challenge, trust yourself, and go boldly towards your dreams with unbridled enthusiasm girls!!!

Ice The Movie anticipates a release next winter. You can follow the film on facebook, instagram, twitter, and snapchat @icethemovie

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  • Karen Reiter

    Can’t wait for the movie to come out. It was a great pleasure serving your crew @ the Viero Event Center in Kearney, Nebraska.

    • Lea Griffith

      You are an inspiration. I can’t wait to see this movie. I love following it on Facebook, instagram and Twitter!

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