Girls Can’t WHAT?

Girls Can’t WHAT?™ was the result of years and years of being told that I can’t compete or have this career or any number of things because I was female. I constantly found myself saying “girls can’t WHAT?” This web site is designed to be place where women can come together and share their dreams, their difficulties and their aspirations. I wanted to build a place where women come to vent frustration, dream big and find hope – a place where they can find a friend who can encourage, motivate and equip them for the journey ahead.

I do all of the research, web design, coding, graphics and product designs myself. It is quite a process, but I enjoy it. I am open to any and all suggestions regarding the use of this web site. Please send them to me. Girls Can’t WHAT?™ T-shirts and other items are an opportunity for girls of all ages to express themselves as an individual with an interest that is typically unusual for the female gender. Personally, I love T-shirts that express who I am as a unique individual. I began searching for “girl drummer” type T-shirts and found my choices were limited to only two. I bought both of them. I then realized through online forums, chat rooms and discussions with friends that there are other women out there who would be interested in unique clothing that express who they are. As a result, Girls Can’t WHAT?™ was born on August 3rd, 2005.


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