Girls Can’t Rock?!

Submitted By: Rose Cora Perry | Age: 32 


My name is Rose Cora Perry and I’m a female rock musician. Saying that almost sounds like I should join a “support group”. Yes, it may be 2016 but you’d be astonished by how male dominated and sexist the music industry remains.

From the way sound people address you as “honey” or “sweetheart” to how interviewers focus on your appearance (instead of the music!) during question periods to even fellow players wondering if your guitar is merely an “accessory” for your look, the fact remains that female rock musicians are still seen as “females” first and “musicians” second and that it’s almost invariably questioned if they “made” it based on their looks or their talent.

It goes without saying that the entertainment biz is caught up in distorted notions of beauty, glitz and glamour and that women especially are “expected” to be “marketable” if they want to succeed. Youth and sex appeal seem to trump all else and are portrayed as the one “true” way a woman can have “power” in a patriarchal world.

Instead of letting this discourage me however, it makes me strive to work that much harder. I practice more. I perform more. I present myself how I feel confident – not according to the current trends of what’s fashionable or “hot”.

I founded my own label at age 15 as I wanted to be taken seriously as a professional and I’ve accomplished just that. I’ve toured across North America, I’ve won awards for my work, I’ve had top 100 radio singles, I’ve performed at notable events like Warped Tour and Canadian Music Week etc. BUT my greatest accomplishment by far is never giving up or giving in…despite the pressures to do so and the “offers” to get ahead.

I’ve navigated my career according to my morals, standards and principles. I’m female. I’m a musician. And I’ll be damned I’m gonna rock.

I’m excited to be embarking on a brand new journey: the release of my sophomore solo album which I personally feel is my best work to date.

I’d like to share with you all the first single from my forthcoming album to be released on November 21st 2016: 

Never give up on your dreams.

~Rose Cora Perry

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