Female Drummer Lux’s Heavy-Handed Metal Chops Will Make Your Head Spin

luxPromo1ByManrique Meet Lux, age 24, from Orange County, California.  She’s been playing drums for half of her lifetime now and her skills are in high demand.  Currently on tour with the Nekromantix and Rob Zombie, Lux is no slouch behind the kit.

Girls Can’t WHAT? recently touched base with Lux and through a series of emails, I’ve been able to piece together this sweet little interview.  Lux was also gracious enough to provide us with photos from a recent promotional video shoot.

GCW: What is your main passion and describe when you first became interested in it.

Lux: I started playing drums when I was 12 and it was by chance. It was because my parents had put me and my two sisters in a music school and picked drums for me so that we could start a band together. They put my eldest sister on vocals and guitar and my other sister on keyboard. The moment I knew I really wanted to play drums was when I had to give it up and switch over to keyboard. We had brought in another member to take over on drums and I remember being so jealous of him playing drums I used to play and missing it so bad. I knew from that point on that drums is what I wanted to play.

GCW: I can totally identify with loving the drums!  Have you ever been told you “can’t” because you are a girl? What did you do about it?

Lux: For a while, while growing up, my mom would say I couldn’t stay out late because I’m a girl. This is very common in traditional Mexican families and staying out late just comes with playing in a rock band. I had to constantly talk to my mom and let her know I was ok in order for her to be ok with it. I think she was just worrying as any normal parent would because I’m her “little girl”. I’m the youngest of 3 sisters.

GCW: Yes we all know women become instantly defenseless when the sun goes down – LOL.  Well you certainly do know how to play and all that late-night gigging has paid off for you.   This drum solo video is hot!

GCW: Do you have a favorite event or memory?

Lux: We recently played at the Hollywood Palladium on Halloween night about a week ago and so far it has been my favorite show on our Tour with Rob Zombie. We played a 40 minute set in front of a huge crowd, at least 3,000 people and the show was amazing! I had been sick on this night with a little fever and bronchitis but I just remember still rockin’ out and feeling accomplished once I got through it. During our set, I spotted a girl in the front of the crowd who was holding up a sign that read “Drum Stick”. I love it when fans bring signs to shows so after our set I tossed a couple sticks in her direction. It was overall a fun night!


GCW: That is so cool and I bet that made her night.  Maybe you’ve inspired a future drummer.  How would you encourage other girls who are interested in your field?

Lux: I love encouraging other drummer girls and recommend plenty of practice and to be confident in their playing!

GCW: Agreed.  Practice is key, but you also mention confidence.  I think that is incredibly important when you’re working on your chops.  There is a big difference in an ordinary drum fill verses one that packs a lot of slef-assurance behind it.  Fantastic advice for musicians and even non-musical folks.  What other interests do you have?

Lux: I also like to do webdesign and just hang out with friends and family when I’m not behind the kit.

GCW: Hey is that a drummer thing?  I also do a little web design myself.  (Ok so it’s my day job.) I have a very personal question from one drummer to another…do you have any recommendations on double bass pedals? I’m looking to get a new one here soon. ;)

Lux: As far as double bass pedals, I’ve been using Axis pedals for some time now. The material they’re made of is light and durable and you can get a good “punch” with them. I use two kick drums so I bought a double bass pedal and use them as two separate kick pedals so that I still have the option of setting it up as a double bass pedal if I need to. Check them out at AxisPercussion.com

GCW: Sweet – I will definitely check them out!  Your bass drum really sounds tight in that video so I think you’re on to something there.  Thank you so much for doing this interview.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.  If you ever swing through Illinois, can you hook me up?  ;)

For more information on Lux and her touring schedule, you can find her at:

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  1. davy on November 9, 2009 at 7:42 am

    Lux is a great wee drummer…i hope the tour is going well n that she kicks ass all night…
    male drummer..lol

  2. gretchen on November 12, 2009 at 5:22 pm

    I totally couldn’t resist asking Lux if she plays in heels or if she was just wearing them for the promotional photos. She replied with:

    “I do play in heels! For a while when I was younger I would play barefoot and then I would play with sandals on and then I started wearing pumps in high school and started leaving my shoes on and as I grew older the inches on my heels would grow taller! haha.”

    So there you have it… b-)

  3. The Sledge Grits Band on December 9, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    We have been blessed to be able to communicate with Lux over the internet for about 2 years now. She has been someone bo-Pah has been watching since she was 5 :0) She has wanted her throne for some time now !

  4. Rose on March 10, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    Epic…and shes mexican too! SO AM I (and also a girl drummer) she has definte talent and is a blessing to the world of music indeed. Oh and as an off note haha rob zombie went to my high school years years YEARS ago…or so teachers have said.lol.

  5. THUNDERINA on May 3, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    GIRL’S CAN ROCK IT, JUST LIKE THE FELLAS…..”LUX” IS BADASS!!!! Drummer Girl In Michigan,

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