Ever been tackled by a girl?


Girls football is probably the most hotly debated topic on this web site. So heated, in fact, that I’ve had to start and close entire threads just to keep up.

So I guess I’m re-opening that can of worms today. The big debate over whether girls can or should play football. Let me specify – TACKLE FOOTBALL. The kind where you get crunched if you don’t get out of the way.

So let’s take a look at the most common arguments.

Girls Can’t Run Fast Enough

This is probably the least used argument, but it’s out there so I will address it.

Yes, girls can run fast. Some of us do and some of us don’t.

Check out this video of pee-wee- league player Sam Gordon. Now that girl can run!


Girls Can’t Kick A Football

Meet Ava Shmueli, who represented the Miami Dolphins at the NFL Punt, Pass & Kick national finals.

Girls Can’t Throw A Football

Look no further than this for a great example of a girl who can throw a better spiral most of the pros. Joey Davenport has an amazing arm! And check out the comments from people who’ve seen her play in person.

Girls Can’t Tackle

To anyone who says this, I’m betting they have never been to a women’s tackle football game. These ladies are HARD CORE! Those hits are hard and they pull no stops.

Need proof? Watch these highlights from the New York Sharks:

Want to raise support for Women’s Tackle Football?

Even if you don’t play football, find a way to support these ladies.

They work hard and they train hard!

They are moms. They have day jobs.

And they need fans!

Get out there and cheer them on.

Share the image above or make a Girls Can’t WHAT? Colorized avatar below.

It costs you nothing and it means a lot to the players, coaches and everyone involved in the sport.

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