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Sports Prize Money: Men vs Women

Sports Money: Men Vs Women

Ever wonder how much more money men make in sports than women? Look no further that this fantastic infographic posted over at VoucherCloud. It offers a brief history of equal pay in professional sports and an insight into the sponsorships and deals which affect the various prize levels. Special thanks to freelance artist James Smith for sharing his…

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The post Facebook didn’t want you to see

Benjamin Cooper

Last week I shared a post from Benjamin Cooper on the Girls Can’t WHAT? Facebook page. It was an incredible rant about how he was helping his girlfriend clean out her closet and he decided to try on one of her shirts labeled as an XL. Here’s what he said (the clean version): So I’m…

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Target removes gender signs, world implodes

Target stops gendering toys

So Target has decided to do away with gendered sections in the toy department and people think the world is about to end. I find this amusing on so many levels. We fight for equality and then freak out when someone takes a step in that general direction. Here’s why I think Target’s decision is…

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back pack

This was my status update on my Facebook page yesterday. It was a personal story and it got such a huge response from friends and family that I thought I would expand on it here. My Status Un-freaking-believable. I was out walking Lola and I saw a black case at the edge of the road.…

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What makes people like you?

Facebook like button

We all want people to like us. That is truly the bottom line. We want to be liked and feel accepted. So I went in search of what makes someone a “likable” person. Is there a specific factor? Are their certain traits one must exhibit? Are you just born with it? Does the “it” factor…

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Holidays Are Nothing But Women’s Work!


Growing up, the women in my family outnumbered the men, but not by a lot. Probably about 60/40 for most occasions. As an observant child, I was very aware of patterns and routines that surrounded my childhood and the holidays always perplexed me. The ladies would run around getting everything ready while the men sat…

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Quitters are winners

Girls Can't WHAT? Runner

True story. One of the top phrases in my vocabulary is “I quit.” I know. It’s not the frou-frou, happy phrase you might have been expecting. But it’s true. I “quit” every day. But I’m not a loser. In fact, quitting is one of my best kept secrets. You may be rolling your eyes at…

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Feminist or not. Does it matter?

Mary Lou Retton Optimism Quote

Maybe I’m wired differently…well, ok – I know I’m wired a lot differently from most, but surely we can all agree on some things, right? I’m talking about celebrating women who inspire. Can we all agree it’s a good thing to talk about and celebrate women who motivate and challenge us to be better people? Shouldn’t we…

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That’s The Way I Heard It


This cartoon from Non Sequitur made me stop and think today… I totally wasn’t expecting her comments in the final frame. How often do we listen for the negatives or accept things in a negative way? Her interpreting it to mean she is “over-qualified” is priceless.  Love it! Girls Can’t WHAT? Gifts! [zstore contributorhandle=”girlscantwhat” productlineid=”196040542780595402″…

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