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Donating 20% of GCW Sales to Women’s Charities, Suggestions?

Since I’ve been restructuring my site, I’ve decided a “Grand Opening” is in order.  I’m already working with a PR firm to get the word out and I’m brainstorming announcement ideas and cleaning up the shop this week in preparation.  However, there is still one missing piece.  When I first started Girls Can’t WHAT? I…

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Book Review: The Double-Daring Book for Girls

Same problem, new book.  When the Double-Daring Book for Girls showed up on my doorstep about four weeks ago, I intended to do the review within a week or so.  I made a note on my task list and set it on the corner of my desk with a couple of other books I also…

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A.J. Repairs Locomotives

I Love Railroading and I have always wanted to Work on a Locomotive, but of course I been told Girls Can’t do this because its a MAN’S JOB! And I believed that! But when I first started working at the Railroad 5 years ago, I told them I’m willing to help the railroad anyway I…

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Voice Your Complaints To Midol, We Are Not Cursed

Voicing our concerns in this world is one thing, but voicing them as a group is a far more powerful effort.  If you are with me in this revolution, here is an interesting challenge for us. The Bayer company continues to air an advertisement for Midol in which they refer to menstruation as a curse. …

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Elizabeth could play if she cooked for the team

Yes I have for example they had told me you can not play any sports because you are a girl. Since little I love to play football but they will always tell me “You are a girl and behave like one.  Go play with dolls or something a girl does.  You only could play if…

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Fiona was Part of the First Female Umpire Crew

I am pleased to say that I was the plate umpire in what we believe was the first all female crew to umpire at a National Baseball Championships in Australia. My base umpires were Janine Thompson from Australia and Sophi from Tawain. Janine and I went on to do the Gold medal game with myself…

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Take Our Daughters To Work Day

Tomorrow (Thursday, April 23rd) is “Take Our Daughters To Work” Day. Personally, I don’t participate in this one on the actual date because my daughters are home with me all summer and get to see first hand what I do for a living.  They see me get up early, work from my home office with…

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A Lesson in Self-Confidence from Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

Check out this video of Susan Boyle from “Britain’s Got Talent”.  She was practically laughed off the stage before she even sang the first note.  But by the end of her song, she had a standing ovation and the overwhelming approval from the judges.  This is absolutely amazing:

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Shelbie Plays on an Undefeated “Boys” Team

Shelbie Football

I’m Shelbie #72, 15 years of age. Growing up I was always interested in sports.  I was often doubted because of my size and the fact that I was a girl. I often played “street football” with toy guys. Now I am in my 8th grade year, and I play on my school’s Boys football…

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