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Melanie Restored A Classic Vehicle

Most women will cringe when they ready this, but here goes… I’ve always wanted to restore a classic vehicle, specifically a 50’s pickup truck.  It took me seven and a half years to complete the project, but I did it!!  The ONLY part of the project I couldn’t do myself was the painting.  I won’t…

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Vonda Proves That Girls Can Wrestle

Well, last year was my freshmen year…I wanted to join the wrestling team but the coach said I couldn’t because I was a girl.  This year is my sophomore year. now I’m on the wrestling team and I’m the first girl in Three Rivers to ever pin anybody.  I have 8 wins so far, and…

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Know Your Game

Sometimes you just know it’s going to go wrong. A little over a year ago, I decided to hire a cleaning crew to come to my home once every other week to do some general cleaning.  I hate to clean and I recognized that I could earn more per hour by working during that time…

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What is the difference between boys and girls bikes?

We have had a jolly good time over on Facebook and Twitter talking about why there are differences between boys bikes and girls bikes.  The history behind the girls bike frame is that women used to wear dresses all the time so it was more lady like to have a lower bar that kept the…

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Katelynn Shows the Boys How to Score a Goal


When I was in the 5th grade, I always played soccer by myself with a ton of boys. I am very aggressive when it comes to games big or small. So, playing alone as a girl was easy for me and fun. (Some boys were easy to penetrate because they weren’t good, but others were…

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Girls Can’t Shoot Pool

Girls Can’t WHAT? Billiards Player

This character has been a long time in the making.  My girls have been bugging me to make billiards player ever since they got their first pool cues for Christmas in 2007.  I have a special affinity for shooting pool and I’m pretty decent at it.  I started playing in high school and by the…

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Boys Challenged Anna and Her Friends…And Lost

Hi! At my school, many of the boys in my class say (not only to me but to ALL the girls) that we can’t do sports well because we’re girls. One day in gym class (P.E), we were allowed to vote on what sport we were going to play. Of course, we ended up playing…

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Request a New Girls Can’t WHAT? Design

Not seeing a design that fits what you do?  Request a new Girls Can’t WHAT? design or vote for an existing one on my todo list.  The more requests I get, the higher up on the list it goes.  Recruit your friends and family to vote.  One vote per email address.

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