Tia Has Strong Views On Sexism

Me 2I personally have strong views on sexism myself to be told “you can’t do it, your just a GIRL” is the worst insult that could ever have been said. I can do what I like because girls can do things just as good as men if not better so they can’t put me down because I know that being a young woman is the best thing in the world.

Women naturally get put down because we have feelings but those feeling guide us better that a man’s intuition we can make decisions based on fact and our feelings and more often than not those are the right decisions.

As for men when they get it wrong, we pick up the pieces (though they won’t admit it).  Like they say behind every great man there’s a woman (telling him what to do, they’d be lost other wise) but I think its time for us to stand forward and take the credit – after all we do deserve it.


  1. Avatar for GuestTia says

    Thx so much 4 ur comment it means the world to me to know that other than my mum there are some women who take note of my views u just gave me the biggest confidence boost!!!Thank you so Much!!!

  2. Avatar for Guest says

    well said tia!!

    i personally have been told that i can’t do things, because im a girl. but i have proved so many boys wrong! and thats what they need! to be corrected in life (:

    i used to play football, and some boys at my school said that girls are rubbish at football, but when i tackled them for the ball, they could catch flies with the way their mouth was open! it was so funny!

  3. Avatar for GuestAli cardinale says

    Hey u r so right I have been toled that I can’t do things cuz I’m a girl.like play football for my middle school. But I love it sloop much!!!!!! But some of the guys think it’s so cool that I got the guts to play.

  4. Avatar for Guestkasey says

    tia you are so right on how women naturally get put down because we have feelings…. its not fun because im a jr high student and because i race boys say girls dont race and now they are saying i am a guy.! it dosent upset me that much because the guys at my school have 0% brain cells anyway but ok

  5. Avatar for GuestMs A Smith says

    tia you rock my world, GIRL POWER. we need to spread the word about girl power, girls rock dont let no man get you down tia!

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