Girls Can’t Master Kung Fu

Girls Can't WHAT? Kung Fu Design

The Martial Arts design has been a hot seller for the past two years and recently someone requested a variation of it to reflect a Kung Fu uniform.  I am not well versed in any of the self-defenses although I have always thought it would be fun to learn a martial art.  I really should take some classes…

If you are participating in any self-defense classes or martial arts competitions, we’d love to hear from you.  Share your stories in the comments below.  :)

The modified Kung Fu design is now available in the Girls Can’t WHAT? Gift Shop.

Girls Can’t WHAT? Kung Fu Gifts!

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  1. Avatar for gretchenWilliam says

    Just to let you know, that’s a Ghi, which is a karate/tai kwon do uniform, it is NOT kung fu. Kung Fu is Chinese, they do not wear any such outfit.

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