Girls Can’t Be Construction Workers

The construction worker design has been on my list for quite sometime now and I keep getting requests for it, so here it is! I was noticing in my research, too, how many construction signs are not gender-neutral. For example, the “Men Working” sign still exists.

In fact, last summer I tried to snap a photo of one sitting out on my street because standing just five feet from it was a woman with a jackhammer, drilling into the pavement. Unfortunately we were going by so fast that the photo turned out blurry. On the bright side, I have seen the lovely orange signs with simply the word “Workers” on it. That’s much better. ;)

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  1. Avatar for gretchenCourtney says

    I love it!!!!
    I’m a construction worker!! (well actually an electrician on a construction site). Not too many girly girls with blonde hair and makeup wiring up on the sites!!!
    I love your designs :)

  2. Avatar for gretchenkelley says

    hi my name is kelley and i work as carpenter assistance with dad. i tried getting a job with someone else and been turned down because of being a female. men think women cant do what they do. we can we will have limitations but can still do it.

  3. Avatar for gretchen says

    Hi, my name is Lisa, and I am a do it yourself queen. The only reason I became this way is because of a lazy husband, and recently divorced. I had no choice but to be a DIY Queen….Girls have determination because we want to get things done and in a timely manner. I enjoy fixing things, and creating things around the house.

  4. Avatar for gretchenMelissa says

    I started picking up things as I could- w/ minimal $ and no exp. The elation that I felt after purchasing my drill…. No words to describe it! I was.. still no words ;) Read the manual, and went from there. When I was younger, I heard those comments, ” you wouldn’t like it, because you’re a ________. Bet you can fill that blank. Or, girls don’t like that. Yup, good. Let me see what I like, and I’ll get back to you!

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