New Personalized Christmas Ornaments Are Here!

Light Blue Farmer

It’s been as quiet as a mouse here and that’s because I’ve had my elf hat on and red-nose to the grindstone cranking out new Girls Can’t WHAT? products just in time for Christmas.

And they’re finally here!

Well ok – I don’t really have an elf hat and my nose doesn’t really light up, but I have been working extra long hours and, if you know me, you know I like my music loud so it really hasn’t been very quiet here.  But, the new items are really in the shop now so let me introduce you to the new gear.

I’m totally excited about these items, especially the new ornaments.  The new shapes were so much fun to design and I think they turned out really, really adorable!

Big Announcement – Yes, I did it!

Well I did it. I buckled down and did the hard work I said I was gonna do. It was rough. I stopped checking email, my Google reader overflowed, the mail piled up on my desk and I think I skipped a few meals, but I did it.

In case you’re lost, I last posted that I had a fear of success and that I was gonna conquer that once and for all. I think I have achieved that and therefore I have a big announcement to make. :D