Can they be any more insulting?

There is no doubt this game was invented by a guy. No self-respecting woman would create such an atrocity. Here is their response to all of the backlash:

Miss Bimbo

Miss Bimbo

I am all in favor of shooting stupid people… Like the creators of Miss Bimbo, an online gaming site for young girls that encourages plastic surgery and extreme dieting to create the perfect figure for their character. It is also recommended to players that their virtual character get breast enlargement surgery and keep themselves thin  [Read More]

Girls Can’t Bowl

Bowler Promo

Bowling is one of my favorite sports. I have no idea why, but I enjoy it. In fact, I was in a bowling league when I was in jr. high and high school. We were an all-girls team and we went all the way to state one year. I think we placed like third or  [Read More]

Mentoring Opportunity for Female Musicians

Jazz saxophonist Sarah Manning has a mentoring opportunity available for female musicians in the NYC area through a program called Shatter the Glass. She will be playing at the Jazz Gallery in NYC on April 24th, and is giving away one ticket to the show and admission to the private sound check for her band.  [Read More]

Meet Quad Racer Angela “Cookie” Smith


In a sport dominated by men, Angela “Cookie” Smith isn’t just spinning her wheels. Since she first fired up the engine on a quad just a few years ago, she has done nothing but move forward at full throttle, picking up sponsorships and competing against both men and women in a sport she loves. Angela  [Read More]

Stand Back Up


One of my all-time favorite motivational songs is by a country band called Sugarland. The song is called “Stand Back Up” and I really wish they would release a real video for it. The song is just amazing and no one can do it quite like they can. I found a couple youtube clips of  [Read More]

Meet Hilary Hess

Hilary Hess

Hilary Hess is a 26 year old woman who loves the outdoors….so much so that she now runs a non-profit organization that provides outdoor education opportunities for women in Vermont. Each year they host an event called Doe Camp that educates 150 women every year in all types of outdoor skills. Hilary was generous enough  [Read More]

Girls Can’t Ski

Girls Can’t WHAT? Skier Design

Yes, I realize it is nearly spring, but snow skiing sure sounds like fun right about now. I haven’t been skiing in several years, but I was pretty good in my prime. I have made it down a quite a few intermediate and at least two “expert” level hills when I was younger. A Girls  [Read More]

Rare Photo of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

I wanted to share this gem of a photo, released yesterday after being discovered in an old family photo album. It’s a portrait of a young Helen Keller, around eight years old, with her teacher Anne Sullivan at her side. It is said that this may be the only photograph of Helen with a doll.  [Read More]

Meet Trucker Pamela Febbo

Truck Driver

The release of the Girls Can’t WHAT? Trucker design attracted female trucker Pamela Febbo to the site and I couldn’t resist requesting an interview with her. I mean how often do you see women truckers, let alone meet one? Pamela was kind enough to indulge my questions. GCW: What is your name, age and current  [Read More]