Video of Stuntwoman Carolyn Day

I ran across this video on YouTube recently. It’s a series of clips showcasing the talents of professional stuntwoman Carolyn Day. I will post more about her soon, but for now, the video speaks for itself. There are several types of stunts shown in this video, but I think the backflips on the horse are  [Read More]

Women are born LEADERS

Margaret Thatcher, the only woman to have served as Prime Minister in the UK during the early 20th century, said that, “if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” Every woman can be a leader. Yet results of surveys show that most women underestimate their influence. Whether  [Read More]

Girls Can’t WHAT? on MySpace

For all you MySpace addicts out there, Girls Can’t WHAT? now has a MySpace Profile. Visit Girls Can’t WHAT on MySpace and make a friend request. This is a simple way to get bulletins about new designs and other happenings at Girls Can’t WHAT? The November contest will be a random drawing from Girls Can’t  [Read More]

Pilot Gloria LaRoche


I was recently granted the privilege of interviewing Gloria LaRoche, the 4th female airline captain in the United States to fly large aircrafts. Gloria shares with us how she knew she wanted to be a pilot at a young age and the challenges she faced as a woman trying to do a “man’s job”. Her  [Read More]

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Questions can be powerful. They speak volumes. What do you think of when you hear “Got Milk?” and “Where’s the beef?” Some questions are annoying….like “Are we there yet?” or Why?” Questions are essential to learning. They give us answers, opinions and clarification. However, we’ve all asked questions at some point and been told that  [Read More]

Dreamer (Movie)

The title is a mouthful, but Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story hits the winner’s circle as a warm and inspiring family film. Ben Crane (Kurt Russell) is a Kentucky horse trainer who watches in horror as a championship filly breaks its leg during a practice run. Ordinarily that means curtains, but today Ben’s daughter,  [Read More]

Finding Your North Star / Martha Beck (Book)

Author: Martha Beck Published: 2002 Put the telescope away; the North Star mentioned here is a human body, not a heavenly one. And like Polaris, which has guided sailors for centuries, the human body’s gut feelings and emotions can help guide a wayward soul back to his or her “essential self.” In this absorbing combination  [Read More]

Million Dollar Baby (Movie)

Clint Eastwood’s 25th film as a director, Million Dollar Baby stands proudly with Unforgiven and Mystic River as the masterwork of a great American filmmaker. In an age of bloated spectacle and computer-generated effects extravaganzas, Eastwood turns an elegant screenplay by Paul Haggis (adapted from the book Rope Burns: Stories From the Corner by F.X.  [Read More]

Stick It (Movie)

Haley Graham is a former gymnast-turned-juvenile delinquent whom, after one too many run-ins with the law, is forced to enroll at an elite gymnastics academy, the VGA in Houston, Texas which is run by the legendary Olympic gymnast Burt Vickerman. But the rebellious Haley is not welcomed into the academy by the other teenage gymnasts  [Read More]

Nancy Pelosi (Politician)

Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi (born March 26, 1940) is the House Minority Leader of the 109th Congress of the United States. Since 1987, she has been the Democratic Representative from the 8th district of California, which falls entirely within and includes most of the city and county of San Francisco. As a result of the  [Read More]