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Sports Prize Money: Men vs Women

Sports Money: Men Vs Women

Ever wonder how much more money men make in sports than women? Look no further that this fantastic infographic posted over at VoucherCloud. It offers a brief history of equal pay in professional sports and an insight into the sponsorships and deals which affect the various prize levels. Special thanks to freelance artist James Smith for sharing his…

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The post Facebook didn’t want you to see

Benjamin Cooper

Last week I shared a post from Benjamin Cooper on the Girls Can’t WHAT? Facebook page. It was an incredible rant about how he was helping his girlfriend clean out her closet and he decided to try on one of her shirts labeled as an XL. Here’s what he said (the clean version): So I’m…

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4 Ways to Reframe a Problem and Find a Solution

Resilience Reflex

I moved to Canada, from Kenya (East Africa), at the age of fifteen without my parents. At that time they could not afford eight airline tickets so they sent me with my 17-year-old sister to live in Alberta, where most of our relatives lived. In Kenya, it’s always 30 Celsius (86 F) and humid. I…

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Emotional Intelligence for the New Female College Graduate


I remember when I completed my undergraduate degree. I was idealistic. I had dreams of becoming a manager and then an executive in a Fortune 500 company. When I graduated from college I was so hopeful that my academic experiences and achievements would translate into consideration for a management trainee program and a bright career.…

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Target removes gender signs, world implodes

Target stops gendering toys

So Target has decided to do away with gendered sections in the toy department and people think the world is about to end. I find this amusing on so many levels. We fight for equality and then freak out when someone takes a step in that general direction. Here’s why I think Target’s decision is…

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Thank you for supporting women around the world!

As National Women’s Day approaches, I’d like to take a moment and share what you’ve been able to do by supporting my company. To date, Girls Can’t WHAT? has been able to lend $14,450 to 577 women in 56 countries to help them achieve their goals. Their dreams range from simple things like installing indoor plumbing…

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How to change your habits

how to set amazing goals

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~ Aristotle Ever wonder why we do the things we do? For example, we know that vegetables are healthy, so why do we reach for junk food? We know we could be more productive of we stopped checking messages every few minutes,…

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Eliminate these 3 things to fast track your dream

archery girl

As a new year begins, the tendency for a lot of people is to add something new to their plate. A new goal, a new routine, a new hobby, etc. What most people fail to do is eliminate some of the not-so-good stuff first. In order to move forward with any goal, you need get…

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Fast track your dreams in 2015

astronaut girl

My daughter’s 10th grade English class was given the assignment to write a letter to someone that inspires them. This past week I received 3 letters. One from my daughter and 2 from her classmates – all of them focused on Girls Can’t WHAT playing a huge part in helping them realize that dreams are limitless and they can…

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Thumb broken. Need your help.

Thumb broken. Need your help

As I mentioned over on the Girls Can’t WHAT? Facebook page, I had surgery on my thumb a few weeks ago. I am currently starting week 8/10 with my hand in a cast. This makes it very difficult to type and of course draw new Girls Can’t WHAT? characters for the shop. But that hasn’t stopped…

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