Why Can’t Boys Have Bras?

It always surprises me how people land on my site. I realize with a title of “Girls Can’t WHAT?” that people expect to find different things based upon their mind-set at the time they are searching. (I will leave it at that but I think most of you know what I mean :D ) Anyway, when I browsed through my stats a few days ago I see the search string “why can’t boys have bras”. Do we really need to explain this? Should I write an article on this subject? Is this not being covered in Jr. High health class or what? =)) That’s like asking “why can’t girls wear jocks?” Hello. Anatomy 101.


  1. Bc says

    why dont you think its not ok for men to wear females underwear and bras but females wear mens boxers.

  2. nicky says

    well even though i have finished my time wearing a bra because i lost a bet i at times do miss not having it on i did get the looks from people some were comments that were what you would think and some were very kind words will i ever wear one again? i cant say but it was an eye opener to say the least

  3. Chris says

    I’m a man. I started wearing a bra when I was in my teens… only once in a while. The problem is once you wear one, you’re hooked for life. I am now in my 40’s. Yesterday I went to the leggs hanes balli playtex outlet to be fitted for a bra. They will fit men. I bought a barely there training bra. It’s cool because I can wear it under a plain shirt and no one can tell that I’m wearing a bra. I plan to wear the Training bra every day, until I get used to wearing one in public. (It’s easier to get used to if nobody knows.) After years of wearing all kinds of other bras, and trying to hide them, or staying at home, or taking them off whenever I leave the house, It is nice to wear this training bra all the time. It just really seems to make it easy to get used to wearing one all the time, even in public. Half the problem for me was being nervous in public wearing one. This is helping me get past that nervousness, and get comfortable with wearing a bra everywhere I go. I do not know if I will wear a regular bra in public, but It will be easier if I chose to do that, because I will already be comfortable with the bra itself.

    Thank you Gretchen for giving me a place to say this and maybe to help others.

  4. ELY M. says

    I just ran into this website from a google search.
    I had double mastectomy two years ago by my choice.
    Im so glad that I did surgery. I hated wearing bras for years. now I am braless :)

  5. Bc says

    Hey Gretchen i feel uncomfortable wearing bras in public but i feel comfortable wearing females underwear in public can you help me

  6. says

    Ok – I’m locking this thread. First time I’ve ever had to do this, but enough is enough. This is not the type of discussion I intended to have. :(