What is the difference between boys and girls bikes?

Girls Can't WHAT? BMXWe have had a jolly good time over on Facebook and Twitter talking about why there are differences between boys bikes and girls bikes.  The history behind the girls bike frame is that women used to wear dresses all the time so it was more lady like to have a lower bar that kept the dress down for modesty.  Also, mens bike frames purportedly needed to hold more weight, thus the higher bar for better reinforcement of the weight on the seat.

Curiosity has the best of me right now because aside from some religious groups, women do not wear dresses when riding a bicycle.  That being said, why then do we still have two different bicycle frames?  Wouldn’t it make more sense from a manufacturing standpoint to make a universal frame?  What do you think?

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  1. Felicity says

    Girls have a shorter reach as generally women have longer legs and shorter bodies whilst men are the opposite, so a girls bike has a more compact frame so you do not have to over stretch when reaching for the handlebars. Obviously not everyone is the same so it is best to go to a local bike shop and try out different models to find out what is best for you. Continental Europe class the drop bar bike as unisex not girls.

  2. Wadhamite says

    I cycle a lot and purchase a lot of used bikes to combine or use for parts. The girls’ models tend to be in better condition! I suppose, in theory, girls weigh less and are less “macho” in trying to destroy things.

    The seats differ sometimes, however; a long nose supports a girl’s underside anatomy better, but gets in the way of the parts boys need to protect.

    I favor a “mixte” unisex frame myself; as long as all major parts are adjustable, fitting a particular torso shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. Jenn says


    I am 5’4″ and I find it uncomfortable to push off with the male frame on a standard adult bike. So if I want a bike, I either have to look for a female’s adult bike or a large children’s bike.

    Also, if you think about it, why would we, as consumers, want cookie-cutter bikes? Most of us want bikes that are suited to our own individual needs and gender/dress wearing is a part of that.

  4. sami madison says

    I’m OLD and I prefer a womans bike frame because I don’t have to swing my leg OVER the center bar.

  5. sami madison says

    of course, I almost for got that it is nice to have the girls frame when I am wearing a skirt. ALTHOUGH– my skirts are so short that I think it hardly matters these days

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