The Phantom of the Opera is here…

Today is my friend and bandmate Kelli’s birthday. I won’t tell you how old she is because I’d like to keep her in my band. I’m too broke to buy a card or a gift, so I thought I’d give her some free publicity.

Kelli is a very talented writer and she has quite a text going on over at Her story is pretty amazing. I started reading it without ever having seen ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and I was hooked after the first chapter. So if you’re looking for something good to read, check out her story “Sacred“. Read it now while it’s free. I think she will be a published author in the near future, which is great – as long as it doesn’t interfere with the band! Hmmm…maybe I need to write up some contracts for all the band members… ;)


  1. ajlewis2 says

    Wow! Great Read! I am totally unfamiliar with The Phantom of the Opera. I’ve read the first two chapters of “Sacred” and I’m going to read more. I’m very much enjoying the story. I love the way it opens and flows. I had the sense of being there in it watching. Really good writing in my opinion!

  2. Andreya says

    I love the *star* song from this musical!
    The melody is just amazing!

    So I may take a look here…

    Especially the library seems to have run out of all the good books to read…


  1. [...] If you’re genre is musical theater, you are on the wrong show. Plain and simple as it is, coming to an American Idol audition and singing “Angel of Music” from Phantom of the Opera (sorry Kel, couldn’t resist ) is a horrendous idea. I don’t care how good you are, anything from musical theater is a bad song choice. As a music listener and potential consumer of your album, I do NOT want to flip on my radio to a country or a pop station and hear showtunes. [...]

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