Should Women Be Drafted into the Military?

Kelli sent me this interesting artice in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that covers what positions both John McCain and Barak Obama take on the issue of women in the military and the subject of reinstating the draft.

Mr. Obama supports a requirement for both men and women to register with the Selective Service, while Mr. McCain doesn’t think women should have to register.

Girls Can't WHAT? Military DesignWhile I see valid points on both sides, I have to agree with Nancy Duff Campbell, co-president of the National Women’s Law Center, who believes that women should have a chance to compete for any position in the armed forces.

I’d love to see some discussion on this topic, especially from women who may have served or are currently serving in the armed forces. Do you think women should be drafted?

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  1. Avatar for gretchen says

    I don’t think anyone should be drafted into the military. Some people are cut out for and some aren’t. It isn’t an issue of gender, but rather an issue of who can physically and mentally handle the armed forces.

  2. Avatar for gretchen says

    While there is a BIG difference between requiring women to register for Selective Service and reinstituting the draft, I do not feel that women should be required to register.

    Women are the bearers of the next generation. That is a great responsibility like no other.

    I admire women who voluntarily do both–raise families and serve in the armed forces. I also believe that women should have a chance to compete for any position they so desire, but REQUIRING women to register for selective service, in my opinion, would put many women into situations that many of us just are not “wired” for.

    I agree with what Elizabeth has posted, and hope that the draft is never reinstituted. I go one step further to say that I hope women are never required to register with Selective Service.

  3. Avatar for gretchenmooney says

    yea its jus not for men..women and mean should be able to..not sayn that we cant..but people look at women funny when it cums to syuff like that!!! they neva kno women could help men get farther then they are shouldnt doubt women guys

  4. Avatar for gretchenBarb says

    Noone should be forced to fight in anything they do not believe in. Some people are not cut out for a fight to your death military position. This is supposed to be a free country.

  5. Avatar for gretchenCloud says

    A major difference between men and women that has not been brought up I feel is the ability of a woman to become pregnant. A man captured in war has the risk of being tortured, but any woman captured is likely to be raped. Which can lead to pregnancy. Forcing women into combat against their will is breaching their right to reproductive freedom. No man ever has to worry about giving birth to a child while in the hands of the enemy. And no american woman should be put at risk of the horror of having a child under those circumstances. Imagine being forced against your will into a position where you may give birth to a child in a foreign land under those curcumstances. Equal rights does not mean there are not differences between men and women, just that women should also be seen as human.

  6. Avatar for gretchenRyan says

    I do believe women should register for the draft. This view comes from the idea that if any US Citizien has the right to vote on thier 18th birthday than they should have the right to serve in the military. Now I dont believe women should be put in harms way since they are the bearers of the next generation but they can take over admin jobs that men are doing and put those men into combat arms. Also those who believe ANY women can perform an infantry lifestyle are very much wrong. I have seen women go into the field and all they do is bitch and complain about how hard shit is. A 60-80lbs pack + 15lbs rifle + 30lbs of ammo= stuff a Marine or soldier has to work up to.

    Sgt Ryan Henderson USMC 2/5 Marines (2 time Iraq vet & 1 time Afgah. vet)

  7. Avatar for gretchenPhenix says

    I don’t think that women shoudl be drafted. Women risk sexual abuse from the other soldiers. woemn are keepers of the home, and men are the protectors. Chilvary is most certanily dead if men are willing to put their wives, daughters, sisters, and any other lady in harms way. women need to keep the homestead going strong.

  8. Avatar for gretchen says

    I don’t think it should be mandatory but i dont think that they shouldn’t be drafted either. I think don’t think men are better cut out for the military more than women are either alot of men aren’t cut out for it, and i know alot of girls that would be fine in the military to. And Phenix i really disagree with you when you say that “Women are keepers of the home and men are the protectors” women are whatever they want to be not just “keepers of the home”, And Barb, being in the military is not just a fight to your death, and if the men and women in the armed forces weren’t out there fighting for our country, it wouldn’t be a free country the only reason we are free is because our amercan soldiers fight for that freedom, and if it came down to it i would willingly give up my life for the saftey and freedom of our country. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.**==

  9. Avatar for gretchenJason says

    There are plenty of support roles women can do in the military. There is more than just combat. Women only want equality when they benefit from it.

  10. Avatar for gretchenAndrew says

    I strongly agree with Jason. Women have fought for their rights for generations and are still doing it. If Men and Women should really be considered equals, than treat them equally. The draft should go both ways.

  11. Avatar for gretchenmike says

    i agree with jason and andrew. Women should definitely be drafted into the military. It is an excuse when women say they are the bearers of the next generation. Well, so are men…you need a man to have that baby. Also, like 52% of the U.S. population are women, so there are enough women to go around. i highly doubt that there would ever be a shortage of women.

  12. Avatar for gretchenVictoria says

    If women are going to be drafted into the military – at least let them have all the same career choices as men. Someone needs to blow that crap wide open. :/

  13. Avatar for gretchenBean says

    i think women should be drafted in the military but not on some puity spree or false womens rights affectation. If they were to be integrated there could be no double standard. For example women would have to measure up to the men, thats the only way they could maintain the respect needed for group dynamics. For Example, could the woman carry her male team mate should he be injured?

  14. Avatar for gretchen says

    Bean – I agree with that, but it’s not really a women’s issue. That should apply to the men as well. I would assume that a military unit is only as physically strong as it’s weakest (smallest?) person. There are some women who could carry a man out, but I guarantee there are some men who could not do the same. Let it be equal in skill, not gender.

  15. Avatar for gretchenBen says

    I disagree with women becoming drafted.

    Why is it that women want to be the new man? No I don’t want women to be equal to men because they simply aren’t. That is beauty of it. It is why I’m attracted to women because they aren’t men. It it ironic that certain women are so insecure that they feel they need to “compete” with men. Men and women are meant to complete each other. As if all women problem’s pertaining to gender are going to be solved by getting the same rights as men. Men enjoy protecting and providing; yet, so many women think that this is wrong, or weak and submissive for women. Has chivalry died? Do men want not to protect what they love.

    The liberal view of equality mean having identical rights. This is childish as any parent knows that, “life isn’t fair,” and “certain privaleges for certain ages, gender, diasibilites, etc.” It is like blind person whining that they don’t have the same rights to drive as someone who can see. This is far different then equality in that both sexes have certain roles but neither are more important than the other (ex a tribe of the Navajo).

    I have science to back it up men and women are equal. Despite, feminist 2-d arguments rely on social constructs and behaviorism to back their claims. Men are biologically designed for war, women aren’t. In every other mammal gender plays a huge role in a group (like pride of lions) they embrace their biology, stupid feminist don’t.

    The person grechen has no clue what she is talking about. While physical strength is on the spectrum, to make it sound like it is 50/50 is absurd. The strongest women are as strong as the weakest men. Men have more testosterone. This is part of aggression, physical strength (includes endurance); period. Women shouldn’t be in combat period. The same goes for police, firefighting, and other jobs similar. Men weigh more, taller, have more bone mass, more testosterone, psychological deal with stress and emotions better, faster, more agility, etc. Every hunting and gathering group was like this. It wasn’t “patriarchy,” just what gender suited better for which role for the survival of the specie.

    Btw, no I’m not Christian. I’m an evolutionist and realist. Not idealist like feminist who say that men and women are equal…something they pulled out of their butt.

  16. Avatar for gretchen says

    Ben – first off…when you are here visiting MY site, you don’t need to refer to me in third person. You can address me directly and by the way it is spelled “Gretchen” with a capital ‘G’ and a ‘t’ in the middle. If you can’t spell it, at least copy/paste it. ;)

    Secondly, NO ONE here is trying to be male. We are simply asking for equal opportunity to participate. And your claim that “The strongest women are as strong as the weakest men” is ridiculous.

    No one is trying to “compete” because we feel insecure. Perhaps it never occurred to you that some women actually ENJOY being in the military or law enforcement or firefighting or playing football. Don’t tell me that *all* women are wired to raise babies and cook. There’s so much more to us that you have yet to understand. 8-|

  17. Avatar for gretchenmike says

    i am a man and i feel women should be drafted into the military. they need to get off their ass for once and help serve their country too. also, women make up 52% of the u.s. population………so losing a few million wouldn’t matter lol.

    also, i agree with ben on the fact that women these days have lost their feminism. they are so caught up on trying to compete with men that they lost what it means to be a female. let the man do his job and the female do hers. we wanna date women that are feminine and pretty……not some bulky tomboy who plays football and doesnt wear make-up!

  18. Avatar for gretchenmike says

    haha good you b*tch!

    you should start a website on how to make women more feminine and better housewives.

    now make me an ice tea woman!

  19. Avatar for gretchenBenjamin says

    As a 11 year old boy,I think that everyone,both men and women,had the rights to join or evade the draft.
    Imagine that you’re a men/women and when the government forces the men to gt into the service he will be sad or/and stressed while the women feels relived or felt sorry for him.
    Even conscription (or draft whatever) is breaking the law(HAH The government is breaking their own law HAHAHA…sorry back to the report)of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights(follow this link
    So,that’s the least I can do.

  20. Avatar for gretchenjeff says

    benjamin the US doesnt report to the UN . the US Constitution demands that men register for the draft . as far as women reg. for the draft they should . as far as women in the military they should also have the same standards across the board which they dont and never will.

    equality should be equality meaning equal across the board everything.

    i am male . do i like equality ? no.

    do women act like females ? no

    how often do men in america marry women from other countries ? a good majority of the time. reason being american females dont act like women. they act like men .

    Ben from october 25 2009 . your post is the most mature post i have seen in my life congrats. very well spoken.

  21. Avatar for gretchenDeborah says

    I beleive if men should have to register so should women. Women bitch about not having equal rights in the work place and that the military is so sexist but rarely do u meet a woman who belives that they should be required to register.
    However i also think that those that do not meet standards after basic should be culled out (men and women alike). Hell if israel is doing it why are we bitchin about how the women have to be protected? israel protects its women as much if not more than the US. As far as the risk of sexual abuse goes…Uh hello we have that risk walkin down a L.A. alley. and men can be raped they just cant bear children.

  22. Avatar for gretchenAnnominity says

    The question is not that women can’t handle combat; i think they are just as good as most men. HOWEVER men get distracted by women, and sex-deprived men aren’t the best room mates. You need female and male armed forces separate. I may get a wag of the finger from you people, but if men and women are equal, why isn’t it required for them both to be drafted? BECAUSE THEY AREN’T EQUAL!! You…creatures berate and shun men, yet they are the ones who fight and are drafted. You say that women are the bearers of the next generation, but you can’t create life without men. This world will remain in ruins, racism, hate crimes, sexism will all still plague this world so far as we can ignore the small differences, yet cherish the large ones. Women and men are not the same; they were not built the same, don’t feel the same, don’t act the same, and as long as people try to MAKE them the same, (this goes with all types of discrimination) this world will not be whole.

    An interesting side note: Your anti-male bias is astounding! Why can’t men do anything? Or is it that you believe that men are better off? Madam, you are horribly mistaken. =)

  23. Avatar for gretchen says

    Why do I feel like i am repeating myself over and over here? I am not for the draft of either sex, I merely posed the question. To force people to do something they either don’t want to or don’t believe in is asking for trouble. Let them choose. And in that case, let both men and women choose whether they want to join the military.

    We are NOT anti-men here. We don’t want to BE men. What we want are EQUAL RIGHTS – meaning the SAME OPPORTUNITIES. What is so blasted wrong with that? :-w

  24. Avatar for gretchenBenjamin(11 year old boy again) says

    I am back again.
    I saw comments that says that women are bearers of the next generation blah blah blah.So does that means that just because women born babies so they don’t need to evade the draft?I am lost.However men is also a crucial need to bear the next generation.Jeff says that Ben from October 24 is very mature.
    But i think it is quite associated with sexism.

  25. Avatar for gretchenDavid says

    women wanted equal rights, they got them.
    women are conceited and selfish because they dont want a draft but they love to vote.
    I say either both genders do it, or neither…

    i have seen a woman kick a mans ass, its not that
    they cant handle it, its that they are looking out
    for their own benefits rather than those of Ameirca.

  26. Avatar for gretchenPauk says

    Anyone who says the draft is imoral or “stupid” per say should take a second and think; who lets you live in your house? Who lets you got to school? Who lets you live the life you live? The answer to all of this is your country. So if they bring back or put in place a draft and you get drafted go, it’s the least you can do for the country that raised you.

  27. Avatar for gretchenmike is back says

    I agree with ben that women being the bearers of the next generation is an excuse. because you need a man too. can’t have a babyv without our sperm. besides that, you need a man to raise the child too becsuse both parents are important. young men have been giving up their lives since the american revolution…it’s time for women to get off their ass and start serving their country.

    and like i said before, women make up 52-53% of the population….so losing a few million wouldn’t matter at all.

  28. Avatar for gretchenmike is back says

    gretchen your very ignorant. men are much more discriminated against these days then women.

    for example, if a wife and husband get divorced, the woman is is 10X more likely to get the child. if a women has sex with a minor, she is much less likely to get jail time…while a man would get life in prison. also, women can sexually haras men but men cant sexually harass women. and last but not least, women aren’t required to register for the draft.

    sounds like men are the ones who are oppressed these days. please stop with your ignorance and realize this because ive talked to many females who agree.

  29. Avatar for gretchenWilliam Martin says

    I’ve been in the forces for 10 years now. It’s honestly not about equal rights or anything like that. If women want to join the military, by all means, it’s their right. However, when a draft is in place, it means that the existing full time armed forces are unable to cope with the present enemy.

    If women were forced to register, it wouldn’t only put their lives at risk, but would severely risk the lives, and the operational stability of the entire battle.

    Yes, I have fought alongside women. I have never disrespected any of them, because when your fighting alongside a women, or a man, you never know who may end up saving your life. However, I can say for a fact that women lack the ability to cope with combat stress. Trust me, until you have to see someones daughter, or someones wife, or someones sister die in combat because she broke down from stress, you will not understand.

    If you are stupid enough to actually make it a requirement for women to register in the army for armed forces positions, I can guarantee you that whatever war we are fighting, we will lose. Our enemies are no longer stupid. They pick out the stragglers in the group, and prey on them. Please tell me how even the most fit women could possibly outrun flying bullets while carrying an 80lb bag of equipment, a 15lb rifle, all while trying to rescue a 180lb teammate. I’ve seen a lot of men do it… never once a women.

    I’m not saying stay at home and cook all day, and I’m not saying you can’t join the army in an administrative manner, or as a health care provider. But please, if we want to win this war, or any other war, keep the women out of the line of fire.

  30. Avatar for gretchenchoo choo shoe says

    Let me first adress sexism.
    Women are oppressed by tradition to stay in the home, to be a motherly figure, to be “feminine” but not all women are like that, and don’t all conform to the social fantasy. Women are people, people who love, hate, pray, fear, and are brave, some want things that are frowned upon by society, like [insert manly thing here] or even to wear male clothes. (le gasp!)

    Men are oppressed by tradition to be strong, fearless breadwinners, to be “manly” but not all men are like that. Not all men conform to the social fantasy. Men are people, people who love, hate, pray, fear, and are brave, some want things that are frowned upon by society, like [insert girly thing here] or even to wear women’s clothes. (le gasp!)

    And just because the opposite gender may not find some things attractive, we have no right to say they “shouldn’t” do them.

    As for the draft, it hurts to lose a brother or sister, son, daughter, mom, or dad. But that is the sacrifice we must make as a country.

    However, men have a stronger build, its true. so using my brain, not tradition or misguided social values, this is how the draft should work:

    First men are drafted…

    Oh no that’s not enough!! We really got our backs to the wall! Whatever shall we do! ….hey i have an idea…

    Draft women.

    Or draft women in non combat positions.

    Both solve the problem.

  31. Avatar for gretchenPFC Newsome says

    As a currently member of the U.S. Army, I feel that women should be equally drafted as men. Women are out there complaining that they aren’t equal in the world’s eyes, and this is exactly why.

    I feel that everyone, who is medically capable, should have to serve a minimum of two years, therefore, having no need for the draft.

    However, if they are unwilling to fight, why let them live in a land of freedom?

    As for women being allowed into any position in the military, I completely agree with this, and have been trying to get this approved through Congress. I feel if women can perform at the same level of men, then there is no need not to allow them to do the position.

    God Bless Our Troops

  32. Avatar for gretchenRaven says

    Excuse me, but shouldn’t it be the woman’s choice?! It is not a mans place to decide whether a woman should be drafted or not. Please respect our rights as we respct yours! I would very much appreciate the responsiblity to be drafted and i would further more embrace it.

  33. Avatar for gretchenjason says

    i think that women should have to join the draft because if they are allowed to serve in the first place it only makes it fair that they have to join to. also raven if the women gets the choice then so shouldnt the man. another thing is that the risk of rape and child baring well which do u think is worse being tortured for the rest of ur life or having a baby u didnt want. also u most likely wont die from having a baby if u refuse them as they torture u they r going to kill u

  34. Avatar for gretchenJordan says

    Looking at this totally non-biased.

    Ben, I completely see where you are coming from. Until the last point, then you turned into a complete a**hole. A sexist a**hole, at that.

    Women can do just as much as men, it depends on their WANT to do as much. But, there are some men, that aren’t cut out for the military either.

    With that being said, women and men are NOT equal. And sometimes, us, as women, need to realize that.

    But it’s not at matter of *wanting* to be men. It’s a matter of: not all women are made for being at-home moms. And those women who aren’t made for staying at home, need to know that they can go and join the military, or be a firefighter, or a cop, and know they have equal rights.

    Most of you (^^) are being EXTREMELY immature. And this is coming from a fourteen year old.

    Women and men are not equal. We never will be. But we should always have the same opprotunities as men. And that’s what Gretchen is trying to say.

    P.S. I will give you this: some women take it WAY to far. And are just insane.

  35. Avatar for gretchenmike says

    exactly jordan…some women are crazy and want men to be opressed and blame us for everything. i hate the kind of girls like that

  36. Avatar for gretchenjason says

    well if you all say that a woman can do just as much as a man then y wouldnt they be drafted they would be able to do everything in a war situation as well although i realize that men are naturally stronger women are becoming stronger as well. also like ive seen in some arguments the population is made up of like 52% women so if we loose a few i really dont think its going to hurt us that much.
    also when men get drafted when they come home they may not have a job because a woman may have taken it because if a draft is in effect for any amount of time then the women would have all of that time to get job promos and work there way up the ladder in companies.
    and some peoples point about wanting to rather be dragged out by a male rather than a female well i say toughen up as long as u get out alive u should be happy no matter what happens think about all the ones who do die. another thing is that 95% of the military is male so women u fought for these rights how bout u start using them i mean yah sure u have the right to do anything men can do yet the government is still being sexist and even though most of u might see it in your favor well then that just simply means that the government has stopped being sexist more toward females and more toward males.
    i will also agree with all of those people that say that there are some people not fit for military style combat and i think that should be another thing that should be considered in the draft is if you are healthy or necisarily fit enuf to participate in military fighting.

  37. Avatar for gretchenElizabeth says

    When a time comes when drafting is necessary you know things are bad. I don’t like the idea of any draft but I personally believe that excluding women from a draft is unconstitutional. For years, for hundreds of years, women fought to have equal rights. And we have proven that we deserve them. But if we take all the easy things and no responsibility maybe we didn’t deserve equal rights after all. People should be drafted because they are patriots, it shouldn’t matter if your white, black, man, or woman. Because I thought in America we were all equal.

  38. Avatar for gretchenAmy says

    I don’t think that women should be in the military because there body is more sensetie then men’s body and this could cause her some health problems that maybe affect her for the rest of her life :)

  39. Avatar for gretchenArmy Vet says

    Somehow I came across this site doing a Google search for something non-related but here’s a sweet & short few words from me.

    1.) I’d like to mention that the female officer who “saved the day” in the Ft. Hood attacks didn’t save the day. That story was bloated by the media as usual but it was actually the male officer who took out the Soldier shooting at people. Let’s get the facts straight on that. Just do a Google search on this and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    2.) I served in the U.S. Army from 2002 to 2008. I served 2 tours in Iraq. The 1st @ the start of the war and the 2nd in 2005 for a whole year. I was a combat Soldier or 11B, Infantryman. I loved my job and I loved serving with the men I served with. Ask me if I would’ve if I had to serve with women & based on my experiences with women in both the military and with civi’s, I’d have to say no.

    3.) Why is that? Women aren’t the same as men. 80% of the female population isn’t opposed to actually staying at home and wanting to have a family. Most women I know don’t think women should be cops, firefighters or in certain areas in the military like Infantry. As an experienced Infantryman & a Vet I can attest to the stresses, problems & evil’s that come with the job, during and after the war. It makes NO sense for women to want to “force their way” into roles such as these where they will be far more likely to have post-military issues. That includes having problems while serving in a war zone. That goes for men but it’s alot worse on the women from what I’ve seen from women who just served in support roles. It doesn’t even matter if women think they can do it, it shouldn’t be played with. It would open up a whole new can of worms that this society can’t handle.

    3.) Women who I’ve served with which was not often and I never (fortunately) had to serve on the ground with a female Soldier. I knew alot of females in the service who were tough but try to get them to take me down or carry my butt with my 150-200 lb. gear in a firefight if I get injured & you’re talking about not just one dead guy, then you’re talking about possibly 2 or more dead Soldiers, if we allowed females to serve in this role. I know there are women who are actually serving in combat oriented roles right now but those commanders allowing it are breaking the rules too. Alot of male Soldiers will say they trust the females to take their backs but I know that alot of them personally who’d just say this to appease the media, their friends, females, etc. There are more than enough men to keep the ranks flowing smoothly and more than enough men to keep these specific roles full.

    4.) On a personal level I wouldn’t want to see women drafted or forced to serve. I don’t think it’s right & I don’t think women would go for it anyway. About the only women who’d go for this stuff are feminist’s or females confused about who they are so they’ll feel the need to prove themselves. Whatever that means. I’ve met alot of mean women outside the Army who think they’re tough stuff. I’ve met alot of women who believe that they can put a man down, such as myself, just because they might get mad or something. All I can say is I’m glad my fiance’ isn’t like this because even though she’s not 100% feminine she’s not 95% feminist, thank God.

    5.) Women who are in the military are bitches. Simple as that. They may have been nicer beforehand but once they go through training they become alot more aggressive (like men are naturally) & curse more, do crazier things that they would’ve normally never done. With the exception of those women who enlist who are already into crazy activities who have bad attitudes, most of the women who I know/knew in the Army were not nice once they went through the Basic/AIT training. Plus many of them get pregnant or are sleeping with Soldiers causing alot of problems between units & the men who are involved and NOT involved. I remember this NCO female Sgt. I hated her. She walks into our barracks one day and starts yelling & telling all of us men to get our shit picked up and that the Army thinks women aren’t as good as men so that’s why she’s being such a big bitch. I mean this is crap coming out of a person that I thought looked like a nice person, lmao. I remember this day in particular because the guys were all joking around enjoying our off time & most of us had served together in Iraq. So we were all hardened from our experience in combat but then we get this crazy NCO coming in barking at us like she was talking to children. There’s more reasons than this to not let females in the Army in certain roles but also to let women in roles where they’re exercising any control over men. That’s not usually very good for cohesion.

  40. Avatar for gretchenWowwwww at the above says

    Sounds to me from the above post that it’s MEN in the military that is the problem. That guy has some serious issues.

    He goes on and on about women in the military but the says “I never served on the ground with a female soldier.” So how does he know what it’s like to do so?

    And the crazy complaining about the female sergeant – um, it’s OK for men to act like that but women who do are “bitches” hmmm. At least he just comes out and says he doesn’t like to be told what to do by a woman. Well, too bad sweetcakes! Welcome to the modern world where people are, you know, EQUAL.

    I’m glad this guy is in the military because if he wasn’t, his attitude would probably be a million times worse and he’d be loose on the general population.At least he’s somewhat controlled by military rules. ugh, what a dick.

  41. Avatar for gretchenTabitha says

    It’s kind of ridiculous, all of the harping here about the draft in general.

    Excluding perhaps Vietnam (which the majority of you weren’t even born for), there has not been a draft that could be considered unnecessary, and even ‘nam had its reasons, particularly when you take into effect the political climate following the cold war.

    I think it’s silly for women to demand equal rights in the military while at the same time thinking they shouldn’t be required to submit to the registry.

    The registry and draft are there to be used by the government only in times of extreme unrest in which an elected group of our citizens believe there is a considerable threat to the nation’s defense and we should arm ourselves accordingly. It is a perfectly legitimate form of defense, and if you’ll read back in history, during most times in which a draft has been set in place, the amount of volunteers was enormous.

    Could we have won at Normandy on those volunteers alone? Could we have taken Iwo Jima on those volunteers alone?

    Were those victories unnecessary?

    The draft was very much needed at the time, and served its purpose.

    Now, it’s unnecessary and is not being used, so stop bitching about it. Really.

    If there is a genuine, political concern about women in the military, there are plenty of extremely necessary tasks that they can be assigned to (and in that case, I think they should be able to be drafted into those positions).

    You should also look into draft exclusions, if you’re concerned. Solo children aren’t taken, neither are single parents, or people in necessary roles to a community (i.e. law enforcement, transportation), so if the woman needs to stay home with her children, she’s not going to be taken anyway.

    Educate yourselves, please. Most of you sound entirely idiotic.

    On the subject of equal rights in the military following boot camp, I agree that if the draft was across the line for everyone, then the rights should be equal as well, and ALL military personnel should be subjected to a standardized test (physical/mental/emotional) that determines where in the military they are best suited to serve.

    There -are- some men out there who couldn’t kill my 70 year old grandma before she took their head off with a rake.

    Sorry, guys. Your egos are a bit too overdeveloped.

  42. Avatar for gretchenSimon says

    Tabitha from what I read you have failed to explain why women should be drafted. The topic here isn’t whether women can join the army or be part of combat situations because they CAN. It is if we should forcible enlist a young women into a life of pain and hardship. Now i know not all men are buff and warriors but the chances of a random man surviving a draft compared to a women is higher and more suitable for the man. So please stop wanting to have women be drafted, because you are not defending a woman’s right but in fact being selfish for not considering that most women DONT want to be part of any war.

  43. Avatar for gretchengab says

    no i dont think women/men should be drafted well it depends on the woman/men some women/men are cut out for it some are not i dont like the idea of any body being forced in to the army i have a brother whos in the army some girls are to girly girls and afraid of breaking a nail(stupid) and think its stupid to say if we lose a few million women it wouldnt hurt your very selfish i think we should have a choice if we dont want to we shouldnt get prison time for it but there are some men who dont wanna be either we should have a choice and NOT BE FORCED!!!!!!

  44. Avatar for gretchenChristina says

    no, I don’t like the equal rights stuff of these days. Girls are not boys and vice versa. I think men should go to war and if women want to volenteerthey can. I actualy want kids,a family, ect

  45. Avatar for gretchen says

    I’m 17 years old, and turning 18 this up-coming August. I’ve been worried about registering with the draft system, because of this endless war going on.

    I have been called to join the Holy Roman Catholic priesthood, and I don’t want to be caught up in this war. I personally don’t support the draft at all. Drafting men or women shouldn’t be allowed, because it’s forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do.

    Sadly the government is corrupt, but I say – if they want a draft – send their own children to fight this war.

    Pray for an end to the war.

  46. Avatar for gretchenjeff says

    lol jason you will not get drafted . lol you have no idea what are the liberals telling you that their are weapons of mass destruction ? also war was never declared. what you should really be worried about is a man called obama.

  47. Avatar for gretchenmushroomman says

    I think that your all sexist, I don’t want to here why women aren’t fit to serve in the military. I bet the same people that campaigned for women’s rights would campaign against women getting drafted.


  48. Avatar for gretchenJoy says

    In reality, putting all sexist attitudes aside, women are generally the physically weaker sex. After establishing that, I still do think that women should be drafted. As some have previously mentioned, women wouldn’t neccessarily be forced to fight in the infantry (unless they desired to), they could work one of the many other jobs available in the miliatry that doesn’t require fighting and violence. I’m a girl, and I just recently turned 18. I’m an average high school senior girl who likes to do normal things, and I wouldn’t have a problem being drafted. I love my country and I would do my part if I was needed. Before deciding that I wanted to have a career in law enforcement, I was going to enlist to be a Marine. I went so far as to take the ASVAB, and, to any man that is skeptical of a woman in the military; I was the only girl in the room of 15 guys taking the test…and I scored many many points higher than all of them. So yes, some women are capable, but maybe not all.

  49. Avatar for gretchenAlissa says

    I am a woman and I don’t think we should drafted. A little shout out to mike: What do you mean it’s time fir women to “get off their ass for once and help serve their country too”.
    Did you know that during the Civil War women dressed like men secretly so that the could help fight?

    Did you know that nearly every battle for the U.S.A. there has ALWAYS been Women nurses (ex: Pearl Harbor, Civil War battles, etc. )?
    Did you know that during the draft for World War ll, women had to pick up jobs that the men used to have, along with taking care of the children AND cooking?
    So, really, women have never gotten off their asses and helped serve the country? Serving doesn’t always combat.
    Also, I think personally it would be more difficult if women were drafted because they’d be blowing all of their money on feminin products.
    And what would happen to the children whos mothed AND father were drafted? Where would they go? And what would happen if both parents were to, forgive me, die in combat?

    And to the person who said women should be more feminin. I’m very girly myself, but all of the jokes like ‘get back in the kitchen’ and all just make you fell bad about being a girl or even being girly. So, quit your complaining or change your ways. Personally I think girls stopped being feminin during and after the Vietnam War (hello rebellion). Girls were wearing pants,not skirts.
    I also am a believer that if you have kids the wife should be a stay at home mom (unless of course financial issues).

  50. Avatar for gretchentaylor says

    well, I am for sure going to be in the army or air force and will join as an officer. I think that women and men are definitely equal. I am never sexist towards females but as far as anatomy goes men have more testosterone and have more physical potential than females. Although, females do have the ability and sometimes are (rarely) as strong as men. It is just that men have an advantage because of hormones. I complete agree that women should fight if they want to. The thing that does make me think that women should be drafted is the fact that women are fine with men going and dyeing against their will but if they were in the shoes of the poor man that was drafted they would have a panic attack. If women are really equal with men then how come they don’t have the same responsibilities men have. I don’t think that women should be up for draft immediately but should know that if there are few men to fulfill combat roles then they should be drafted. So maybe they should be drafted into non combat roles and into combat ones if we run low on men. Trust me women are capable of being in the military just as men are and if men can do it against their will then females can as a very last resort. Now, what I mean by last resort is if the U.S. is being invaded and we are low on men, you know sort of a we are going to be taken over by some other country sort of thing but it will at least make us a little more even. Oh and “Wowwwww at the above” You need to consider the fact that since you say men and women are equal and that women are just as tough as men and need to learn to take orders from them, well then what would you say if you were thrown into a combat situation against your will. Gretchen, you know I do agree with you in the sense that the men that were on this post before me were complete jack asses.

  51. Avatar for gretchenEddie says

    Women should never be allowed to be cops nor soldiers. They should be allowed in the military only if they are to be nurses or cooks. Obviously, they were never created for these positions. It’s just womens lib crap.

  52. Avatar for gretchenZarro says

    If a women needs to stay home to practice her “cooking” her sandwich better be worth the lives of hundreds of men.

    • Avatar for gretchenKitty says

      If a women were FORCED into combat I PROMISE you it would not be worth the lives at stake , how many would ” give it their all “if it were against their will ? not many I bet .,Everyone would be in a lot more compromising position because of it .It would be out an out sabotage.

      • Avatar for gretchen says

        And you don’t think this applies to men as well? How many young men have been forced into combat against their will? Do you think they gave it their all just because they were men? How many sabotaged or compromised their duties in an effort to get out of a war they were forced into fighting?

  53. Avatar for gretchenGabriel says

    The inevitable result is that training standards are lowered, and then the facts are then ferociously denied. This has already resulted in one pilot death (Navy Lieutenant Kara Hultgreen) [I am sure more have resulted, as this book written in 1995]. Also, David Horowitz offers specifics:
    “Gender norming” is now the rule—women are measured against other women, rather than against men who outperform them.
    Even though West Point officially says there have been no negative effects from the admission of women, the sworn courtroom testimony of a West Point official says that women cannot perform nearly as well as men and that the men’s training program has, for that reason, been downgraded. For example, men are no longer required to run carrying heavy weapons because women are unable to do that.
    Even if a man is willing to lead women in combat, even the thought that it might not be suitable is sufficient to end your career. This happened with Lt. Commander Kenneth Carkhuff who was recommended for early promotion due to his “unlimited potential … destined for command and beyond,” but after a private conversation with his superior officer that his religious views made him doubtful about putting women in combat, though those views also required him to lead women into combat if ordered to by his superiors, he was discharged.
    Due to such threats as the above, career officers do not speak about the performance of women in combat positions, because to do so puts them at great risk of discharge—especially if they mention anything regarding women not performing as well as the men. This is an extremely dangerous policy and will result in the loss of lives and possibly wars.
    In physical fitness tests, very few women could do even one pull-up, so the Air Force Academy gave credit for the amount of time they could hang on the bar. Female cadets averaged almost four times as many visits to the medical clinic as male cadets. At West Point, the female cadets’ injury rate in field training was fourteen times that of men, and 61 percent of women failed the complete physical test, compared to 4.8 percent of men. During Army basic training, women broke down in tears, particularly on the rifle range.
    The pregnancy problem. Navy ships have had to be recalled from missions because of the pregnancy of female sailors. A male and a female sailor on the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, both married to others, videotaped themselves having sex in a remote part of the ship. There had been thirty-eight pregnancies since the crew went aboard the Eisenhower, fourteen of them after the ship was deployed. Only someone who has never been with troops could not anticipate this result or fail to realize that it will be a major problem forever. The troops in question are very young, at an age when their hormones are, to put it mildly, fiercely insistent.
    Effects on morale can be particularly adverse. The presence of women among male troops weakens combat readiness. All-male units in the field experience bonding that enhances unit cohesion and effectiveness. When women are introduced, men stop relating to each other and begin trying to attract the women. Men can quickly become on less-than-friendly terms with a mini-war over a woman. Nor can morale be improved when accusations of harassment are always a threat. An accusation of sexual harassment by the woman, even if unproven, would severally damage the man’s service career, and both the man and the woman are acutely aware of the fact.
    The Israelis, Soviets, and Germans, when in desperate need of front-line troops, placed women in combat, but later barred them. Male troops forgot their tactical objectives in order to protect the women from harm of capture, knowing what the enemy would do to the female prisoners of war. This made combat units less effective and exposed the men to even greater risks.
    Our military seems quite aware of such dangers, but, because of the feminists, it would be politically dangerous to respond as the Israelis did by taking women out of harm’s way. Instead, the American solution is to try to stifle the natural reactions of men. The Air Force, for example, established a mock prisoner of war camp to desensitize male recruits so they won’t react like men when women prisoners scream under torture. There is a considerable anomaly here. The military is training men to be more sensitive to women in order to prevent sexual harassment and also training men to be insensitive to women being raped and sodomized or screaming under torture. It is impossible to believe the both efforts can succeed simultaneously.

  54. Avatar for gretchenshantel says

    Women should be drafted for war. It is not fair that a man has to risk his life, and women can pick and chose. People say that women are not wired for war. I think people just say that because they dont want women there, not because it is true. How would we know if we dont give it a chance. If we really want equality we should be drafted, and show the variety of things women and men can do

  55. Avatar for gretchenCheyenne says

    So I’m 15…. And a girl. But I can already tell you what I want to do with my life. Army Rangers. I was just kind of searching the internet when I found this site and wanted in on it.
    Eddie, Zarro, Gabriel. I really don’t like you. Women should be aloud to serve where they want and just like men if they are physically and mentally capable( but don’t have kids), they should be drafted if need be. As someone who has no desire to stay home, have kids( at all. like never), or having a boring job as a nurse. Its not always about gender its about interests. I’m not a feminist but I’m not all about manpower either. And you know what maybe women don’t have as much physical strength(actually women have proved to have more lower body strength than men) as men but that’s because we’ve never been required to. Men have always stepped in to do the heavy lifting and as women become more independent things are changing.
    Maybe men have the emotional problems in this case and can’t deal with that. Women in the draft isn’t a bad thing or a good thing. How can anyone have the answer since its never been tested in the U.S.? Feminist are annoying but honestly men on this site really just ticked me off. You guys can make your own damn sandwich.

  56. Avatar for gretchenaguy says

    Okay so this is my first time posting, but I just had to because this pisses me off.

    Okay so I’m a 14 soon to be 15 year old guy (as my name states) and if women and men are going to be equal, that means women are going to have to register for the draft too. Yes, women may not be able to handle combat. There’s a very simple solution for this, which is making combat roles optional and having women fill out the non-combat jobs that many men have, and so more guys are freed up for fighting. Some of the comments here are just absurd, like “women are special” or that “they’re the bearers of the next generation”. There are only two genders, and I’m sorry to break your heart, but your gender doesn’t make you special. ;) As for bearers of the next generation, you need a woman AND a man for that. If you get pregnant, or already have children, obviously you’re not going to be called up. So that fixes that. The military is not stupid. There not going to have a 27 year old mother of 3 go through boot camp. They will already know if you’re fit for service and have your info on file.

    It bothers me how some(I stress SOME) girls expect equality but at the same time say things like they’re special. By saying women are special, and shouldn’t have to go to war, you’re implying men are expendable. That it doesn’t matter if they die.

    Rant over.

    BTW I meant join up, and it makes me happy to see women fighting overseas. Cheyenne, I make my own sandwiches all the time :D. Don’t listen to people that say that kind of stuff.

  57. Avatar for gretchen says


  58. Avatar for gretchenmichelle says

    Jean, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve read in a while. First of all, enough with the name calling. Second of all, as a response to “BECAUSE WOMEN ARE THE ONES WHO BARE THE CHILDREN AND YOU KILL US OFF THERE WOULD BE NO MORE AMERICAN CHILDREN BORN TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY,” you can say the same thing about men. If you kill 100% of either gender, we’d pretty much die out, so that’s a poor argument.

    Anyway, I don’t think men OR women should be required to sign up for the draft. They should only sign up if they want to, men AND women. Yes, men as a whole are stronger, faster, have quicker reaction times, etc. better than women, but if a woman can pass all the required tests to join the military for whatever job they’d like, I see no reason for women to not to be able to join. Just my opinion.

  59. Avatar for gretchenhardcore cowgirl says

    Are you kidding me??!!
    Girls should always be in the military!!
    When i grow up I want to be in the air forse(my dad was in the air force)
    Michelle even though i dont want to say this but i totally agree with you my great grandma was in the marines now shes dead and my great grandpa was in the air force.he did acceptional thing.My dad was in the air force as well and he was one of the greatest people alive for how well he did,he still has scars all over is body but he says all of them are worth it

  60. Avatar for gretchenhopeful girl says

    wiz im telling you to shut up. i can bench 100. that doesnt mean i do much but i can and im eleven. no i dont bench 490 nor do i want to because i dont want to break my bones before i can use them at 11 years old. also if your gonna be sexist STAY OFF THIS SITE

  61. Avatar for gretchenhopeful girl says

    also eddie dont tell us what we should and should not be. we dont tell you guys that you shouldnt be ballerinas, or cooks, or nurses or gymnasts. you guys werent built for doing splits but we dont tell you not to

  62. Avatar for gretchenPatrick Price says

    I was in the Army for 20 yrs and I hated to see women in any branch of the military. When a female soldier wants out before her enlistment is up, she is shipped out in 24 hrs to prevent havic that they create in getting other male soldiers in trouble on their way out. Where as if a male wants out before his enlistment, his life is hell & he will be tripped up so as to get into even more trouble eventualy going to the brigg. Most of the females are so far away from home that nobody knows what their doing of whom their doing it with. By this I mean white girls scewing the blacks, being a lesbian, creating bi-ratio children the list goes on & on. Female soldiers bitch in the field all the time about setting up tents, carry 50 lbs ruck sacks, their periods etc.. As a reiree I was at Ft Knox just the other day & saw 3 black female soldiers shacking their ass while in uniform in front of a group of male soliers. Ridiculus! The only females that I ever saw that could actualy do their jobs were full bull dyke lesbians. No joke! I know what I saw because I was there & glad to be out!!! This is not the military I joined in 1980.

  63. Avatar for gretchenJim Alsup says

    I disagree Patrick with some of your opinions but agree with some as well. I would rather see females in nursing or secretarial positions than in any other job especialy combat. Of all the new female recruits that I saw as a Drill Instructor I was very troubled as to some of the answers that I got when I asked “Why did you join the military”? Their answers were either “I needed money for college”, I saw the Recruiting Ad & figured what the hell, Might as well try it”, “Just to get away from my parents”, “I couldnt find a job after H.S. & was tired of flipping hamburgers”. Never once did I ever here a female recruit say “Because I love & want to serve my country”. And were talking about thousands of surveys I did in the 4 yrs that I was in. This is sad. The biggest problem that I saw was that alot of females got out before their enlistment was up and that usually means pregnancy by another male soldier. Always by another soldier and never by a civillian. Everyone knows that the divorce rate is highest among military soldiers and Policemen, thats a fact including but not limited to suicide. More than likely most military marriages end in divorce & more then likely the male & female soldiers that get a divorse with children live 5 or 6 states away from each other due to where they originaly enlisted from. More than likely it is the female that will get custody and the male has to pay the child support just as he should. The question is now that mom & dad are divorced 5 states apart, how will normal visitations work out? My point exactly! It doesnt work out. It is the military children that suffer in the end. Another point that I would like to put to rest is that most soldiers actualy think that they are gonna do this for 20 yrs. This is near impossible to do unless your an exceptional, can do take charge individual that is getting degrees between promotions to stay in for your 20 yrs. Uncle Sam only wants recruits between the ages of 17 & 23 to do their 4 yrs & then bootem out. You would probably be better off joing the National Guard or the Reserves after you leave active duty which is more easily accomplished. I personaly brought my daughters up to stay out of the military because 1. It is a mans job & 2. If there is a divorce, I dont want my someday grandchildren to suffer not seeing their dad all the time 5 states apart. But these young recruits dont think about that until its too late. Alot of info here but you folks take it or leave it.

  64. Avatar for gretchenJim Alsup says

    I think that women in combat is a great idea. Let a whole brigade of female (only) soldiers get slaughtered in combat one time and the draft rules for females as well as females in combat will end over-night. This country and females need to learn this so that women in the military can simply come to an end. It will be the mothers of female soldiers that will push the legistration through, not men.

  65. Avatar for gretchenBill Nye the science guy says

    As a scientist i believe that women shall not be administered into the military cuz they are weak.

  66. Avatar for gretchenMad Russian says

    Success is the peace of mind knowing that you did the best to become your best – John R. Wooden Head basketball coach for UCLA

  67. Avatar for gretchenGamer girl says

    Bill Nye
    you sure that’s you or is it a prank cuz I thought you were a comedian and a scientist not a sexist

  68. Avatar for gretchenJRush says

    I’m a female thinking of joining the US Air Force. Personally, I think that if women want equal rights, then they should be prepared to be drafted. I myself am prepared to be drafted if necessary – it would be an honor to serve the country.

    Should women be in combat, though? I’m kind of neutral there – it does take a special woman to handle the carnage that can be out in the war zone. But, women can get put in harm’s way or killed in any position in the military. Hundreds of female military nurses have been killed in both World Wars. They weren’t in combat roles – but they were still in harm’s way. I think that’s just the risk you take when you take the Oath of Enlistment.

    But, to tell a woman she can’t do something because she’s a girl – c’mon, people! You know better than that! That just makes women want to prove you wrong! ;)

  69. Avatar for gretchenJordan says

    I think its unfair that men have to sign up for draft women wanted equality but they are not forced to be drafted if its gonna be like that then they should not be able to vote or drive and all that good stuff

  70. Avatar for gretchenJordan says

    think its unfair that men have to sign up for draft women wanted equality but they are not forced to be drafted if its gonna be like that then they should not be able to vote or drive and all that good stuff

  71. Avatar for gretchenDrake says

    Yep, women should be drafted, I don’t really think it’s fair that I’m at the governments disposal, and women are not. I’d like to prove a few arguments wrong while I’m here.

    First of all, “Women are the bearers of the next generation.” And? There are already more than 7 billion people on the planet, I don’t see the human race dying out because a few women get killed in combat, but correct me if I’m wrong.

    Second, “I believe that women should be drafted, but they should get administrative jobs and men should be put out for combat.” That’s also inequality, you cannot just say, “All women, you get this low-risk, high-pay job, men, you go to the front lines!”

    Third, “Life isn’t fair.” You know why? Because people with that attitude make it unfair!

    Fourth, “Women aren’t made to be as strong.” Training is training. The more you train, the stronger you’ll get. There’s a reason for boot camp, it’s so there aren’t a bunch of weaklings fighting.

    Fifth, “Where is chivalry? Men are supposed to protect us!” You know when we got rid of chivalry? When we didn’t need it anymore. The only reason chivalry existed was to protect the weak. Women have power now, good for them, since it’s equal now, then start taking the disadvantages that come with it.

    Sixth, “I don’t think anyone should be drafted.” Yep, it’s unfair, but it’s a process that NEEDS to be in place. You know why a lot of empires fall? Because no one wants to fight! And I agree. I don’t want to be thrust into battle, nor do most of you, that’s why the draft is there. When no one wants to fight, it provides a military to protect the country.

    Seventh, “Women suck” No, how about you stop being such a misogynist.

    Eighth, “Women in the military complain all the time.” Alright… So? People complain at work, people complain at school, people complain everywhere! Should they just be kicked out?

    Ninth, “There should be no war!” That’s not going to happen, I’m sorry, but as much as everyone would love for that to happen, it isn’t.

    Tenth, directed at Alyssa, “Did you know that during the draft for World War ll, women had to pick up jobs that the men used to have, along with taking care of the children AND cooking?” Wow! Doing a job, taking care of the children AND even cooking!? That is so much worse than getting shot at in a war. Women who’s husbands fought in the World War were really the heroes of their time.

  72. Avatar for gretchenHopeful girl says

    I agreed with everything u said except the last thing was a bit shaky for me. Honestly I think it were both men and woman of world war II we’re what kept the place in tact. I mean if you were a man and had to be sent to war against your will that’s huge. That’s risking your life for the sake of your country and that’s huge and very respectful but at the same time lets say your a woman with a husband and three kids. There’s not too much money as it is an your husband leaves. your life wasnt too hard but now you have to live knowing your husband may not come back you still gotta take care of your kids and keep the house in order and you gotta get a job. If you don’t do this your world may fall apart. Maybe not quite as big but still big

  73. Avatar for gretchenDrake says

    Eh, I agree with you for the most part. I mostly wanted to round off my argument at 10 points, 9 is an odd number to end on.

  74. Avatar for gretchenHopeful girl says

    Eh I understand that but there were no other point to go off on. I mean look at how many comments there are here there must be some other thing you coulda replaced ten with ;)

  75. Avatar for gretchenCals says

    Hmm I agree that men are perfectly biologically suited for war. All that testosterone makes for a perfect soldier. There’s a reason there are no true female serial killers or mass murderers. It’s just not in us. No, let the boys fight the wars and let the women stay home and run the show. That’s what the big strong men are really afraid of. Not that women are physically stronger than they are, which we aren’t. But we are just as intelligent, and fit to lead. Leading requires more than physical strength. It requires a rational mind. And possibly less testosterone ;)

  76. Avatar for gretchenErin says

    Women should be drafted into the military. I’m tired of men trying to make women feel weaker with “roles”. If I went into the military I would want to be on the front’s all or nothing..but I can’t because “I’m a girl” and that BS!! I can do just as much as a man..and I can give birth to a kid. So the sexism needs to stop NOW!!

  77. Avatar for gretchenDave says

    The “females are special,” “females are the bearers of the future generations,” “females could get hurt,” … arguments are idiotic and often used in a self serving manner by females. As for the draft of men being in the U.S. Constitution, where? As for the misandrist argument that men are afraid of females in some way, that does not fly; it is the product of a weak mind. The irony is that females advancing that line of thinking like to also claim they are just as intelligent as men.

    Females should face any potential draft, by registering with Selective Service now, and serve on the front lines in combat just like men have been forced to do since the beginning of wars. If we want to cut down on distractions, have female only units. In fact, to level the playing field, only females should serve in combat until an equal number of been drafted and sent to war. If that means many females die, that is the price of equality. As for torture versus rape, having talked with men held as POWs, they have experienced rape and other forms of torture at the hands of the enemy. We have also seen female U.S. soldiers sexually batter men prisoners without any real punishment; as a result, it is hard to see how females deserve any special protection.

    Sound harsh? Too bad. Life is not fair. However, it is time the U.S. government stopped providing special privileges and protections for females at the expense of men. The U.S. government has a moral and constitutional obligation to treat people equally.

  78. Avatar for gretchenTy says

    Ok Dave honestly ( although I have no desire to be drafted ) I agree with most of your points. I don’t like that woman say those things either because then their not trying to be equal their trying to have every advantage there is to being a man without the downsides. The only part I don’t agree with ( and I may have just misunderstood) is that only females should be drafted until as many are sent. My refute to thy is many many many wars were not caused by us. I can give you ten males who have declared war but I know no females. You guys started those wars it was whichever men that decided to declare its fault. Also you could have very well put us in we back then now couldn’t you but you guys decided we were too fragile and weak. WE should not have to pay millions of OUR lives because YOU guys decided not to put us in war earlier. If we draft woman it balances out if we draft only woman for years because you guys decided to deft only men for years then thats not equal

  79. Avatar for gretchenMichelle says

    Ty, by that logic, since only white people have declared war in the US over the years, then only white people should go to war since minorities have never declared it. And to go further, all of those men have been rich, so only rich white men have to go to war. I get what you’re saying, but the leaders we elect are responsible for speaking for us in certain situations, so it doesn’t matter the gender, race, religion, etc our politicians are. We are all Americans.

  80. Avatar for gretchenMichelle says

    No, because I had no issue with that. Dave’s point there was stupid about only women serving to equal out the deaths from all the wars between men and women for us not doing something that we weren’t even able to do, but your first counterpoint didn’t make sense either. I don’t think any reasonably thinking person actually thinks only women should serve on the front lines until enough of us die. Men and women should both sign up for the draft at 18 (although I’d prefer no one be forced to, but that’s just the country we live in), and both should be able to fight on the front lines if they are physically able to do so. Sure, that means far more men than women will be fighting on the front lines, but that’s due to physical strength, not because of what’s between your legs.

  81. Avatar for gretchenBrave new world illuminates says

    No cause women have already killed more people by abortion than all of the wars on earth combined together, women have enough blood on there hands. “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” now it’s a highway. War is deception always. And “an army must inevitably consist of the scum of the people and those for which society has no use”- a growing empire needs women to uphold homeland facilities and men to die expanding the front. Many men will die in our future and women will be the majority however will still remain under a comfortably opressive government.

  82. Avatar for gretchenMichelle says

    That has got to be the most unintentionally hilarious post I’ve ever read. Thank you, Brace new world illuminates. Thank you.

  83. Avatar for gretchenBarbie says

    If women are eventually drafted, it seems like nature’s way of getting rid of the excess of women created by feminism.

  84. Avatar for gretchenLissy says

    The Draft should be done away with completely for both sexes.
    Any future war that would require manpower would need more linguists and computer scientists than actual soldiers. Technology will be the way wars are won and lost. Not manpower. The government wastes 25 million a year supporting 130 people that work to make sure the list of names of men to be called up- in case of a draft- is up to date. That is a lot of money wasted in a country already in massive debt, for a list that hasn’t been used since the 1980’s.
    The problems with the draft are manifold. Being that there are more women than men more women would be called up. That also opens up the armed forces for massive sexual abuses because there would not be the number of qualified women higher up to take the jobs required to oversee female units, as the military is currently being paired down from 700,000 to 300,000. Thus there would be endless corruption of males taking advantage of female soldiers.
    I would have no problem with America being a country like Israel or Switzerland where ever person, male and female must serve in the military for four years. Then there would be true equality. But neither that, nor the draft will ever be popular to the majority of people therefore it should be done away with completely.
    I am not saying that women can not fight. I am simply saying that the military would be better off if it let those women that want to advance to higher up that are qualified for it now be able to do so- without a draft being part of the equation.
    I was a military wife for 4 years. I have lived on a military base and it is not a lifestyle that any smart person would choose to be a part of. It is vile, and makes Greeks on college campuses look like angels (if you get my meaning).

  85. Avatar for gretchenAlex (for short) says

    If anyone thinks about it, there is a way to end the draft! Anyone who has studied society knows that you can’t create a perfect world with happiness. For happiness is relative. You must have sadness to have joy. But you CAN make a controlled world with no emotion at all.

    If no one knows anything that could change their way of thinking about the world, death, fear, pain, etc., then life would be the same every day. But put your thinking caps on! Everyone will be used to this lifestyle. Amendments to the way of lifestyle could be made with a decision of a council. Emotion introduced by puberty could be eliminated by use of a drug. So if a person didn’t get the person they loved, they would not be heart broken. No one would TRUELY love. Everything will be dulled. People can speak the same language. People can get things at certain times so there is no bias by the wealth. Everyone will be assigned roles that they WILL love. Everyone (except for difference by gender) will look the same. Or everyone could become a shemale! Genetics can create an ultimate colorblindness so no one looks different by color of skin, eyes, or hair. Genetics can also with enough time create people with relatively same height, weight, size of body parts, etc. America could create a huge draft, with everyone serving a position in the government or in the forces. America could wage war on the entire world, seize power, and control everything. No more wars. No more conflicts. Then, the revolution to change the world can begin.

    Simplified form: NO WAR POSSIBILITY=NO DRAFT. Annoying voice: “But everything will be sooooooo boring!” Not if you have lived your entire life in this way. “What if a person develops emotion and tries to change the world around them?” They won’t. “What happens to all the history of the world? Isn’t that valuable?” No. It is SH*T for all I care. “What about motherly love?” Then people will not know their mothers and children. There will be artificial insemination. “But people have to learn their jobs, right?” True. Everyone will have to learn their part. But they will only know instructions, not why. People, do you see? This is the dawn of a new age! The PERFECT WORLD can be formed with the technologies, sciences, and knowledge we have…TODAY! We can start now! And begin the create the NEW Earth!

    -Alex (13 yr. old)
    P.S. I did not get this all from “The Giver”. I thought it up a year before I read the book. Lois Lowry seems to have the same ideas. Not sure if anyone will actually read this. Not sure if I will check. But this is not about WHO should be in the draft, that is a stupid question. Our world could be like this; Mother to daughter: “You SHALL NOT do boyish things like playing with Barbies!” Sexist: “Men should NOT be allowed to serve in the forces!” Ancient world: Females hunt for food. Males take care of children, gather plants, and prepare food.

    Let’s think about ridding ourselves of the draft, shall we? I can do ideas, but not actions. So help. But then again, my dream is a long shot. So no one has to. You know what? forget about my ideas.

  86. Avatar for gretchenTyler says

    No alex just no that’s not how it works. One point i saw you make is that if everyone would look the same that would be good, it wouldn’t. For one ben identical twins pick oneach other for looks like ones hair is a little lighter than the other, two it takes away a persons identity and takes away of who they are. We’re supposed to look different. You also said their would be no true love, love is one of the strongest emotions if you don’t love your parents why would you listen to them, we NEED love. You keep trying to block out things that we need. Your “perfect world” is scary. Scarier than going to the depths of hell.

  87. Avatar for gretchenAlex says

    Love…is relative. With love, there comes despair. There comes sadness and grief. Love is humanity’s greatest achievement…no doubt about that. But it is also our greatest downfall. I understand your standpoint Tyler, but sometimes, things must be done for the sake of the world. Which leads me to the fact that we could also kill every human on Earth to protect nature! Including you, including me. :) If there was a god or gods above, they would act and protect this world. Not through words, but by action. Anyone can say a thing. Not everyone can actually do it. It takes like 26 muscles to frown, right? And only 7 to smile. So smile? Why do that when it takes none to be indifferent?

  88. Avatar for gretchenAlex says

    Really so you would really like it if we were all clones that’s what you call a peaceful world oh and no I actually believe in god and he made the world fr us NOT the other way around as you can see by all the bad things we’ve done. I do agree that there are some things that humans are just stupid about like war but so what. You say it wouldn’t be boring because it would have been like that for everyone’s life but so what that’s like saying the people in North Korea are happy to be in dictatorship why because they’ve been there forever. And yes we feel sad because of love but love helps us deal if no one loved no one would care or protect. What is your “perfect world” run by robots, you know why people take care of their kids, because they love them. Oh and I’m not replying to your last sentence because its not even worth it

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