Should Women Be Drafted into the Military?

Kelli sent me this interesting artice in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that covers what positions both John McCain and Barak Obama take on the issue of women in the military and the subject of reinstating the draft.

Mr. Obama supports a requirement for both men and women to register with the Selective Service, while Mr. McCain doesn’t think women should have to register.

Girls Can't WHAT? Military DesignWhile I see valid points on both sides, I have to agree with Nancy Duff Campbell, co-president of the National Women’s Law Center, who believes that women should have a chance to compete for any position in the armed forces.

I’d love to see some discussion on this topic, especially from women who may have served or are currently serving in the armed forces. Do you think women should be drafted?

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  1. Alex says

    Really so you would really like it if we were all clones that’s what you call a peaceful world oh and no I actually believe in god and he made the world fr us NOT the other way around as you can see by all the bad things we’ve done. I do agree that there are some things that humans are just stupid about like war but so what. You say it wouldn’t be boring because it would have been like that for everyone’s life but so what that’s like saying the people in North Korea are happy to be in dictatorship why because they’ve been there forever. And yes we feel sad because of love but love helps us deal if no one loved no one would care or protect. What is your “perfect world” run by robots, you know why people take care of their kids, because they love them. Oh and I’m not replying to your last sentence because its not even worth it

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