Mommy, What is Hooters?

Yesterday, I loaded up my kids and my dog and headed to the University of Illinois to visit my sister, Ericka. We picked her and her dog, Shep up and went back to the main strip to find a place to eat. Picture four people, a pug and a German Shepherd in a gray mini-van. (That has nothing to do with this post. I just wanted you to get the mental image.) As we drove along tossing out restaurant ideas, Katie pipes up from the back and says “Mommy, what is Hooters?”

After much hysterical laughing, Ericka looks over at me and says “I’m gonna let YOU field that one.” Arg. I’m one of those parents that will just tell it like it is, so I said “Hooters is a restaurant that hires only attractive women with big boobs to serve the food.” I couldn’t see Katie’s face because Shep was in the way, but I’m guessing she was confused at the concept. Then suddenly she said “Oh. Daddy would probably like that.” :o Great, my 10-year-old knows what guys like to see on a woman.

We tried to explain to Katie that we would never eat there and support a place like that and that it was wrong to hire women based on how they look. Katie is very bright, so I am hoping she “gets” what we were trying to teach her. The best thing I can possibly do is to educate her about what it is and explain why it is wrong.

After reading Kelli’s post about self-image, I started thinking about that incident and I started wondering why a place like Hooters is still in existence. It is a reminder that we still have so far to go in educating both men and women. You would think that women would be smart enough to avoid working in a place like that, but I’ve never seen a help wanted sign in the window of a Hooters. And you would think that men these days might have gained a little more respect for women, but the Hooters merchandise has expanded from T-shirts to calendars, hats, golf accessories, playing cards, a DVD and a members only club.

I realize this could start a heated debate over whether Hooters is “okay” or not because I do know that there are women who do eat at Hooters and people who will take their families there for a meal, but I don’t care. To me, a Hooters restaurant is an outrage. No, I haven’t ever stepped foot into a Hooters, but I have seen enough media coverage and commercials to understand the concept. If you need any convincing at all, just Google “Hooters” and start clicking. Some of their MANY, MANY sites are borderline porn.

I’m not blind to the true concept behind “Hooters” and I am sick and tired of having to explain these atrocities to my kids. I’m now paranoid that my developing daughter is going to have a complex over how her “hooters” look and whether she would ever be “good enough” to work at a place like that. She’s already commenting about her weight and agonizing over the occasional pimple. Hooters does nothing but destroy self-image and feed the porn industry. I seriously think we need to start a boycott or something to shut these places down. Who’s with me?

Actually, a boycott probably wouldn’t be effective because people like us who don’t approve are already boycotting Hooters. What needs to happen is educating young men and women to respect themselves and have the sense enough to not support places like these. Spread the word.


  1. Kat says

    First of all, you women dont understand what Hooters is about. Yes the servers wear small outfits but that shouldnt even matter. The uniforms cover more than a bikini at the beach. The stockings that the girls wear are so thick that they are like whereing pants. Also the uniforms are only uncomfortable if you are uncomfortable with yourself. They dont just hire big boob and big butt women, they just want a confident women. Most men dont even care about the boobs and the body. Most of them want someone who likes themself and is confident about themself. If you think that any of those girls are not smart then you are very mistaken. Hooter hires a lot of college students which also means they are very flexable with schedules. Not to mention the pay is great. As a matter of fact my town is getting one and is opening in March and I have applied there and hoping to hear back for a second interveiw which wont be for another week or so because they arnt done with the inside and the guy told me that they will start the second interviews in a few weeks. I am a wife and a mom of two. My husband is very comfortable with me working there that he was the one who got me to do it in the first place. Also I am a mom not dead. I am comfortable with my body and love myself. I have a lot of confidence in myself.

  2. Kat says

    Look Im sorry if you can only seem to find and attract assholes but I have more guy friends than girlfriends and everyone will tale you that they dont really care what their body looks like. If a girl can carry herself with confidence then it doesnt even matter. Sorry Im not a stuck up bitch like you and only seem to care what you think is right but Im open to new things and is willing to try new things. Your not even open to going to Hooters. I go with my friends all the time and I mean girlfriends not guy friends and we enjoy the food and chating with the servers about women things. Those girls and women who work there are just like you and me. They are just trying to make a living and enjoy their work. They arnt dumb girls and if they seem like that to you then thats cause they fake it. You have no right to make anyone feel bad about likeing Hooters or about working there. I hope your daughter gives you hell when she hits that age because of you trying to smother her and protect her from the world. Once she gets out into the world on her own, she will go nuts. How about you stop being a snobby bitch and go hang out with the Hooter girls and I know you would like it if you would try it.

  3. says

    OK wait – now I’m totally confused. If guys don’t care about how a girl looks, then why bother with the uniform. Why not just be yourself?

  4. Frenchman says

    Well Gretchen it looks like you are set in your opinion, but bashing other women for theirs? First off let me say that I am a guy and yes I do go to Hooters on occasion. I am happily married, and both my wife and I enjoy the food and atmosphere at Hooters. I admit that I do look at the women there(I’m a guy of course I’m gonna look), and for all of you ladies who’s husbands/boyfriends say they don’t look or wouldn’t look; you’re obviously very gullible because he’s definitely lying to you. As far as the girls that work there all having big boobs; I have been to several Hooters establishments across a few different states, and let me say they do not all have big boobs. I have seen Hooters girls of all sizes, so it’s not fair to judge without ever experincing it for yourself. I will not comment on the attractive portion of your statement, because I believe that every woman is only as attractive as they feel. Plus, it is not my place to judge others’ looks. Now on to the point of your topic. I do understand not wanting to subject your impressionable child to that atmosphere. How you raise your children is your business, but do not insert negative comments based on your opinions. If that is what you believe then that is fine, but your daughter may not end up seeing things the way you do. What would you do if she ended up moving away and working at Hooters? I seriously doubt you would stop speaking to her because of that. Once again I am not suggesting how to raise your child, but wouldn’t it have been easier to just tell her “it is a restaraunt” and avoided this whole mess? I do thank you for not using any derogatory terms in reference to the women that work at Hooters, but I still cannot grasp why you believe that Hooters is feeding the porn industry. I understand every person has their own opinion, but you are bashing hundreds of hardworking women who have their own opinions, and are obviously more open minded than you.

  5. says

    I know this page is long and there are nearly 400 comments so it’s probably pretty accurate of me to say you didn’t read through it all to find the answers to all the things you just asked. Trust me, we’ve covered them all.

    With that being said, I’m going to close this thread. We are going around in circles and nothing new is being brought to the discussion.

    All this is doing is eating up my time. It’s been fun. Thanks to all who shared their thoughts.


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