Meet Female Bass Player Tal Wilkenfeld

Tal Wilkenfeld PhotoAlways eager to feature women who are out there living their dreams, I frequently send out requests for ideas through my social networks. Today’s featured lady was brought to my attention via email. Her name is Tal Wilkenfeld and she is one amazing bass player!

She moved from Australia to LA at the age of 16 to pursue a career in music and ended up taking the Jazz scene by storm.

Check out the video interview below and listen to her rock it out!

For more info on Tal and where to find her music, visit

I may just have to update my bass guitar design to include curly hair.  :D

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  1. Avatar for gretchenBuster Phillips says

    Hello Tal:

    Your playing is great.I am a drummer. I have played on a lot of gold record’s in Nashville. Wanted to say hi. I am not playing at this time but would love to go to work with someone on the road. You can see and hear some of what I have played on under {The Nashville Music Pro’s} I have played on country gold record’s but I love R&B or something with a Groove.

    Phone’s are Home 865 354 3869
    Cel 865 250 6180

    Would love to go to work with someone playing.

    I did’nt think it would hurt to tell you how much I enjoyed watching you with Jeff Beck, and to tell that I am ready to work with some good music of group.

    Buster Phillips

  2. Avatar for gretchenkeith robbins says

    I can’t remember being so moved by a bass player. I am a drummer who’s had the great fortune of playing with quite a number of great bass players, a number have been female. Keep on keeping on. Watching you play is an experience in itself.

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