Girls Can’t Play Football

Girl Football Player PhotoWhile researching my latest design, I ran across this nifty image on some site that sells stock photography. What kills me is the way it is listed. All of the other images of the guys, including the ones that are staged are described as “boy playing football”.

But look at this one of a girl…it says “girl dressed as a football player”. As if a girl can’t actually play.

Bring it on.

I can throw a perfect spiral and I can punt farther than most guys, too. Girls football has become popular in the last several years and in high schools across America several girls have joined the boys football team.

HFootball Designowever, finding information about “Girls Football” on the Internet has proven to be quite the challenge. Most folks end up here on the Girls Can’t WHAT? site.  Welcome!

First of all, “girls football” most often refers to “soccer” since every other country except the US calls soccer “football”. So actually finding information on girls who play the sport with a brown pigskin ball and shoulder pads was a little more complicated than I expected. As it turns out, there really isn’t much out there about girls who play “American Football”. So I’m gonna ask for a little help with this one. I think this is one sport where women are still overlooked. Please post the names and/or web sites of women who play football at any level. Let’s give these ladies some support!

I’ll do my part by adding the Girls Can’t WHAT? football player design to the shop in red, blue and green uniform colors. If you would like a custom team color, jersey number or team name added, please use the contact form to make your request.

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