Bull Riders. Men or Women

Find Girls Cant WHAT? Bullrider T-shirts and more!

Find Girls Can't WHAT? Bull Riding T-shirts and more!

When you think of bull riding you think of strong, athletic men. Well men aren’t just the only ones that bull ride. I know a few girl bull riders. Being a BULL RIDER you have to be strong. When my parents told me when I get on a bull it’ll put a new meaning cowboy/girl in my vocabulary. It’s true. But you have to have a strong heart also, most of the bull riders think that guys are the only ones that can. but thats not true at all. I am better than some of the guys and that apparently doesn’t look good for some of the guys because they don’t want to be known as the guy who got beat by a girl at bull riding! I love it, it is soooo much fun!

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  1. Alexis Sarauer says

    is there a Pro bull riding for woman? i think this would be a good job when i turn 18 i rode steers for 6 years cows for one now i bin riding bulls for 2 i would really like to know?!?!

  2. says

    Alexix .. the answer to your question is there are no longer any professional bull riding organizations for women. The WPRA used to have a bull riding division but does no longer. Most of the women riding today are riding in local rodeos and in jackpots when they can get in. If you are good enough, you might be able to get a permit card from the PRCA if you can get into enough sanctioned rodeos and win enough to meet the requirements. This is not easy to do for many reasons, most of which have little to do with your riding ability.

  3. says

    For everyone who questions whether girls can ride bulls, check out all the recent publicity on Maggie Parker. She is the only woman with a permit to ride bulls in the PRCA and recently won enough to fill have of her permit requirement. There is a story here. After trying on her own for awhile she was able to spend several months at Gary LaFew’s ranch who is one of the top bull riding instructors in the country. the moral of the story .. if you want to make it to the pros .. you just gotta get top level instruction

  4. Kayla says

    Okay so I ride bulls to it is a lot of fun. Me and a lot of other females arond here ride! I love it! I dot think I will stop riding for a while!

  5. Tamrah Davis says

    don’t let guys tell you you can’t! i wanted to bull ride and barrel race and my dad wouldn’t let me couse i’m a girl! girls r no different from guys and we can do everythin we can! thats the worst thing a guy can say is you can’t do it bc your a girl… well thats when we stand up and prove them wrong! gurls do what you want and don’t let a guy throw you down cause they think they r the only ones who can do somethin!


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